The persepolis

The Persepolis is a very interesting comic to read because it tells the story of a little girl and how she grows up.  The book starts off with Marjane Satrapi as ten years old saying she is not very popular and everyone else is much better than her in every way, as well as no one cares for her.  She believed that she was born in religion, and that religion was the answer to everything and God did everything for a reason.  She wanted to become a prophet when she grew up.  She told her teacher this and the teacher was concerned that she wanted to be prophet and she approached her parents.  After the teacher told her parents this, they saw nothing wrong with this.  It continues with Marjane’s story of what happened in her life and how she grew up with her parents, family, and school.  Everything does happen for a reason as she would put it.

Marjane tells her story of her being a kid in very interesting detail because she remembers everything that has happened to her as a child.  She tells everything from having positive thoughts to having really strong feeling of sadness, which happened a lot from what she wrote in the comic, from towards her family.  She believed that she if you were fourteen years old that that you are fully matured and you did not need your parents to support you anymore.  She has accurate details of what happen during the war, just like when they were being bombed and they had to hide in their shelter, created from their basement, to be protected from the bombing.  She did  a lot of illegal things because she did not care what would happen and apparently nothing scared her anymore after what she experienced.  Finally, there was a heart-warming ending to the first part of the book.