Violence as an Aid?


Many people believe that children exposed to violent media at a young age will develop anger issues and encourage them to participate in wrathful acts to harm society. I also used to be a skeptic of violent video games and comics, thinking it had a negative effect on how the adolescent mind matured. There have been studies conducted to monitor this behavior and the results, although fairly vague, may still be shocking.

The easy solution to this question is just to blame all violent acts on the use of slightly inappropriate media, but this is not the case. The studies that have been performed have had no positive result that individuals who partake in heinous crimes do so because of influences from any media source. While the idea of violent media causing real-life acts to be committed seems logical, there is still room for doubt.  In fact, those simulated and bloody games have been found to allow timid children to open up and build a self confidence that they have never contained before. Some even say that the violent media guides them to truly find themselves and discover their passion in life.

Adults need to teach young minds that is would be morally wrong to reenact anything they see on these games in a real life situation. Personally, I find that violence in media is useless. I was hesitant at first about the idea of allowing this cycle to be continued, but as long as these games are used responsibly, there should be no problem. If these guidelines are followed, then there might be a decline in the number of violent acts committed in cities today.