Is Violent Media good for Kids?


I can see where both of the sides are coming from with the people who think it helps with kids and where you get considered as the “bad parent”. I honestly thin that it depends on the kid. I believe that for some kids violent media will make them try to¬†act violent towards others and think that it’s okay because that is what media is telling them. For others they may see it as something to use to express their anger and get it out in away of an art like comics, writing, ect…

I do agree with the other when she says that if you use it in the right way then it could be used for a greater purpose than what some parents think that it really is for. Like she said “it’s helped hundreds of people for every one that it’s hurt” because “rage can be an energizing emotion.”. I do belive that it does help kids with their conflicts and what they are going through in their lives bringing it out in these violent characters.