It Doesn’t Hurt To Read


Mostly, I despise the internet. I try to avoid using it at all costs, but I end up using it every day. I am regularly looking up phone numbers for businesses, finding out the name of an actor from a new favorite film, or getting directions to a friend’s place. Rarely, do I use the internet for researching a paper because it is so frustrating to find reliable sources. I also have a serious case of over thinking every task put in front of me.

In the reading I found that there are many aspects to analyzing a website. I know that I have been taught to analyze web pages in a high school class which is why I only remember half of the steps. It is not all that hard to remember them since the process mostly involves using common sense and context clues to figure out if a source is reputable or not. I think using the internet can be extremely useful because of the quickness and ease it takes to highlight something you find on one page and research it in a new page.

At the moment, I prefer going to the library to find sources because “Most sources in a college library have been evaluated by a reference librarian” and having librarians around comforts me (291). I like having a real person to ask questions. Another thing I completely prefer to using a computer is reading ink from real paper. Reading articles online makes them feel temporary and fleeting to me. My brain doesn’t register the light or something.

Fortunately, with the help of this reading I can successfully research online using only the most current, accurate, and comprehensive sources. Now, when I look to the internet for assistance I will know exactly what I am looking for. Not to mention I won’t be wasting time looking through an outdated page or a page full of LIES. I am looking forward to using these observation skills to narrow my searches and ease my pain of internet use.