Is Violent Media good for Kids?


I can see where both of the sides are coming from with the people who think it helps with kids and where you get considered as the “bad parent”. I honestly thin that it depends on the kid. I believe that for some kids violent media will make them try to act violent towards others and think that it’s okay because that is what media is telling them. For others they may see it as something to use to express their anger and get it out in away of an art like comics, writing, ect…

I do agree with the other when she says that if you use it in the right way then it could be used for a greater purpose than what some parents think that it really is for. Like she said “it’s helped hundreds of people for every one that it’s hurt” because “rage can be an energizing emotion.”. I do belive that it does help kids with their conflicts and what they are going through in their lives bringing it out in these violent characters.


6 thoughts on “Is Violent Media good for Kids?

  1. I agree that kids get into violent media when they are involved in violent media. Kids do what they are told to do and when they are called it is ok to be involved in violence, and then they will do that because they believe it is the right thing to do. Parents have a lot to do with what kid’s choose to do while they are in school or what they are doing outside of school when hanging out with their friends. Kid’s will do bad things when they are angry and need to release this emotion towards other peers or with an act of violence, such as robbing a store or starting a fight for no good reason. Sometimes they will act badly because of what they see on television or what they see in a video game. There is a lot of bad violence with today’s society involving with kids.

  2. I agree it depends on the Childs personality. Most violent kids are violent or do the things they do because of how they grew up or even where they grew up. The setting they grew up in makes a factor to. Majority of the time parents are the influence especially if children’s parents are abusive to one another it can be the setting like growing up the ghetto .Most kids don’t really react to violent media.
    You rarely here in the news or media a kid saying, “a game taught me how to do this”. Most violent games bring out kids personalities sometimes. They can become more social through online experiences and meeting other people online. Depending on the game they can meet people from all over and make friends. There is still a 50/50 on the parents not all parents are good and not all parents are bad. If anyone makes the influence it the people they see evceryday.

  3. I like how the author of the blog post explains both sides of the argument, but both sides need to be elaborated a bit more to fully understand her position on the matter. It interesting that she concludes the violence may contribute to a positive way to “express their anger and get it out in a way of an art like comics, writing, etc.…” I had never thought of it like that, so it was refreshing to think about it in a different way. Another point she brought up is that “rage can be an energizing emotion,” really made me think. To me rage is just a destructible feeling that can do lots of harm, but I can now see what she means by it being energizing. These kids using their emotional state can express themselves all they want in a controlled environment. Basically I still have my opinion that the violence in media is harmful to children, but I now see points of positivity that I never realized before.

  4. i agree because personally if I’m upset i usually turn to music but sometimes playing my xbox (call of duty or GTA) tends to help me channel my anger through the game virtually rather than in reality. eventhough some kids take it out in real life as “act out play” not all kids will do the same. i think that it also depends on the kind of household the chil/chilren are being brought up in as well as if there is any yelling, play fighting etc. then the child is more likely to join in as well as vise versa. Other than that it is ultimately up to the parent to have precaution on their childs playing habits and well being.

  5. In my opinion, its can be almost im[possible for a parent to be able to control the vast amount of violent media that’s readily available children today, with the internet at out finger tips everywhere we go. Parents try there best to block all the viloent material available to children when not in there presense, but when they can access the internet through smart phones, laptops, Ipods, etc. and are most the time more computer savy than their parents. Thus, almost impossible to manage, especially as they get older. However, with limitataions its my opinion that its a healthy way to release feelings of rage to get aggression that is natural to feel as humans, yet we tend to place power upon the negetive perspective in with the graphics of violent media being at large highly impressionable upon children who can not process, and then express way they are conditioned.

  6. I believe that violent media can be a good thing for a child as long as the parent explains that what they’re seeing is just a video game and not how real life really is. If the parents are crappy parents who aren’t there for their child than I believe that violent media could be a negative aspect for a child’s developing mind and personality. If it’s your typical family with decent attentive parents than I believe violent media could be a positive influence.
    In my case violent video games such as SOCOM and Call of Duty led me to develop a fixation for the military. Due to the fact I grew up playing violent war games, I joined the United States Marines. Violent video games can be a good release of stress and anger for children as well as an escape from reality.
    As long as the parents are attentive decent parents than violent media shouldn’t have a negative aspect on their child’s life. Any person who blames youth violence on video games is just using violent media as a crutch for a lack of parenting and civil control.

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