Brick of Paper

Brick of Paper

As much as many of us run from books, and maybe even reading we’re stuck with it. From work, to school, to fun articles, reading is inevitable. It’s like a game of hide and seek that we usually lose. I have spent a great deal of time running away from sitting down and spending hours reading chapters and chapters of a book. This activity, as a child, was entertaining, but now has become boring and tedious. However, we can never run from text books. These are the books that all wish to get rid of, yet we are essentially married to these thick books when we come of age. Math texts, Government texts, English texts, we’re always being thrown another text book to read. Moreover these aren’t small reading assignments, they’re copious amounts of reading material to soak in, and later apply on an exam.

It would be okay if all we had to do was speed read and voila we got it all, but we must pay attention to what we’re reading the whole time. Text books have been an enemy to my days that I think I have off. They’re always there, and there is always something that needs to be read. No matter how much reading I do, there always seems to be more. Textbooks are like Marry Poppins magic bag, no matter how much you pull from them there is still and endless pool of knowledge waiting to be read. This being said there’s been the wonderful “invention” of eBooks, now one doesn’t have to do so much reading, one can just listen. However, not all textbooks have accompanying eBooks, so there’s still a great deal of reading to be done. I guess I’m fighting a losing battle; it may just be time to embrace textbooks, and the reading of them.


12 thoughts on “Brick of Paper

  1. I agree because as a kid reading was a leisure activity that you did for entertainment, but when you get older reading becomes more of a chore than a hobby. When you get older reading is done more for schoolwork and homework assignments than it is just to pass the time. It seems like the only time I pick up a book nowadays is to read fifty page chapters for school the next day, or I need to complete a homework assignment or study guide. I can’t remember the last time I picked a book up to read just for the sake of reading. Now you have books on tape or computer so you don’t even have to purchase the hardback or paperback version to read it, now you just have to download it and listen to soak in your knowledge. As long as there is still information to be learned than there will always be textbooks to be read.

  2. Reading has a huge impact on our lives every day. It is true on what you say we cannot get away from reading at all no matter how hard we try. To most people reading is very boring just like you said, but to some people reading can be very fun and be a great hobby for our people. I do not like reading myself because I do not enjoy it, but I know plenty of people that enjoy reading. We all do some kind of reading every day, whether we want to or not for work, school or even relaxing at home. I cannot run away from reading no matter how hard I try because I go to school, work, and mess around with the internet when I have free time to myself. Even when you are driving, you have some kind of sign to read. Reading is a drag, but we must do it.

  3. Brick of Paper has some valid points as kids I did love to read but as I got older I shied away from books and began to despise them. The truth of the text presents what all of us are thinking; textbooks sucks. They follow us throughout our life, even after school to stay certified in certain positions you have to take classes which require textbooks to pass the class and keep your certification. I do agree with what the writer is saying about the textbooks and how we can never rid of them.
    The writer of this blog is right, as much as we hide from trying to read it will always be right in our face and we should stop running and just embrace what can be learned through the magic words of text. No matter how much reading and learning is a strain on us all it is important to do so; no matter which way you decide with a real textbook or eBooks. The books will never leave us alone so just take it by the hand, sit down and read.

  4. I agree with the blog writer. Reading for college students is a major part of our years spent here. Whether we like it or not much reading needs to be done for successful completion. I too find reading as an enemy to my free time. Maybe what we need to do to overcome this is to just embrace it and just do it without putting it off and making a big deal about it. If maybe we learn to do this it would make it less of an enemy to us. It’s almost like the gas prices, they increase and we don’t like it but we still have to buy it. Making a big deal about it just causes unnecessary stress and causes us to do what we are doing now, fighting a losing battle. I once heard someone say, “why stress about that which you cannot change?” What a message that can change someone’s perspective!

  5. I definitely agree with this it can be very boring and tedious. You have those books that have at least forty pages that are one chapter front and back. I usually find myself falling asleep when I read for so long. I like the bricks of paper title because books are definitely heavy that’s a fact. Everyday it’s read a new chapter and have a quiz two days after that. We really can’t get away from them sadly. The only time books won’t be a factor is when college is over and a career is set. Depending on your major will decide if your field requires reading. At the same time books are a benefit. It teaches disciplines making sure assignments are done on time. Books seem to get most students through quizzes. They carry knowledge that we have no idea of until we read it. Funny thing is we’ll read a book that grabs our attention over a book we don’t want to read at all. Sometimes books should be given a chance to share its knowledge I guess.I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

  6. Reading is the fundamental basics when growing up. To be a good student you have to be reading all kind of books when you are little. Most students don’t like reading books or even newspapers. The social network has changed everything now a day. It makes everyone so lazy to hold a book and starting to read. Reading from the internet or eBook is quite different from holding the actual book and reading. There are many distractions when you reading from eBooks or the internet. Something might come up for you to do in the internet and you stop all your reading and concentrated on that. Reading a book on the other hand, you will be holding what you are reading in your hand and concentrating on it. For some people reading is so boring and for others it is so nice, they really enjoy doing it.

  7. There certainly is a never ending amount of information to be read. When each teacher assigns 25 to 50 pages of text to read and you are taking five classes, then that adds up really quickly. I enjoy reading for the most part, but I have a hard time switching off my brain and changing to a different subject. No matter how much I like or dislike what I’m reading I always appreciate the fact that I am learning.
    My parents tried the eBook discs with my brother and me when we would go on road trips as children. I really loved listening to Harry Potter as we drove through New Mexico or the long drive out of Texas.
    In fact my dad still listens to some of his books since he can no longer read due to macular degeneration. As awesome as EBooks are for certain circumstances I feel like it takes something away from the text.

  8. The unfortunate truth of required reading is that is it both incessantly necessary and increasingly tedious with age. In a professional corporate environment it is not uncommon to be expected to read and understand hundreds to thousands of emails a day, and although this sounds incredibly monotonous (and it is) it has the unintended benefit of making fictional reading more enjoyable. Often the need for an escape from the everyday hum-drum of memos and spreadsheets can be found in choosing the subject matter you read about. A well written piece of fiction or a historical biography trumps a technical manual any day of the week, and the contrast becomes a welcome relaxation. Furthermore, in general the reading required by a job does not contribute to your long term knowledge. After a time, I found it was a pleasant change to read something that I could talk about outside of work. Compared to the tedium of page long email exchanges and status reports, you may find over time that those textbooks are not nearly as dull as you think.

  9. I like how you said “I guess I’m fighting a losing battle.” Last year was my freshman year in college and something that I’m not used to is reading my textbooks. I wish it’s something I had done in high school. I struggle with reading my textbooks and often the thought of it makes me want to procrastinate even more. However, that’s not always that case – at the end of my reading assignments there are at least two or three thoughts that goes into my mind and that gives me a head start in class. I guess it’s not always a losing battle! I treat it as my best “Frenemy.” When it comes to tests, having read my textbook prior to that date also gives me an idea where I could find a topic that I struggled or confused with. Lastly, I agree with your statement, “Embrace reading.” I wish that’s something I knew earlier! Now time to get back to reading.

  10. When the author was afraid of reading it was almost like he was afraid of the work that had to be done in the process not the actual reading. Obviously no one really likes doing work, it can be really difficult at times and nerve racking knowing how well you did or didn’t do in the process. Just because reading is in your daily life does not mean you have to be married to it.

    Yes, you have to pay attention to what you are reading or you’re not going to get anything out of it. If you read just to read it without paying any attention to the words then what’s the point of reading it in the first place whether it’s for work or for school. I myself hate reading as well but if all you would be okay with is speed reading then you would basically just be wasting your time. You can’t let something be your enemy that you have to do every day. You can find a way to get something out of any reading you do and make it way less painful.

  11. When attending school, reading a textbook as a class makes it so much easier because you are having a group-influence or support. But as growing older people tend to have more stuff going on their lives that having time to read a book is not an option. Also the fact that “adult” books have fewer images than kids’ books will impact the difficulty to focus on a book. Another factor that takes place is the content of adult book; it is more complex to read. Additionally, the subject matter might be or not be attractive to the reader, there are so many authors out there that it might be hard to find a piece of literature that satisfies the interest of a certain adult. Some authors might write over a broad subject to reach more people and sell more books and therefore not go through all the aspects of the subject written. Besides, society has shifted to a multimedia world that it can affect the capability for adults to sit down and read a solid paper book.

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