What’s in a Blog Post, Anyway?

What makes a word? How can moveable type (like we see in the image) change the way we read? Are words different…do meanings change if we read them in print instead of online? All these questions came to me just from seeing this picture. Imagine what you can come up with in response to the readings in our book! (See below for blog requirements.)

moveable type

Image via flickr user tonystl http://www.flickr.com/photos/tunruh/

Since you’re only writing one blog post throughout the semester, you should spend a lot of time on them and make them great. You may be wondering what to write about and how much. Here are some answers:

  • You should write about 300 words of text for each blog post.
  • Choose a short quotation or section of the assigned text to respond to. You can assume your audience has already read the piece, so don’t spend too much time summarizing.
  • Spend most of your words responding. In other words, tell us what you think. Readers are most interested in your genuine ideas, so let’s hear them.
  • Also, each blog post should have an image. Try and find one that relates to what you’re writing about. And be sure to cite it correctly with a link!
  • One more comment about style: use paragraphs. Don’t make your readers trudge through one long, never-ending paragraph. Give us a chance to process as we read.

Comments should be one substantial paragraph (at least 150 words). Be positive but feel free to disagree.