What can we learn from bad experiences?

Bad Experiences

Everyone’s gone through tough times in their lives; if not in the past then somethings bound to happen. It’s easy to ignore the pain you felt along the way, and pretend like everything is okay, but does this help us move forward?. In Persepolis Marjane lived through bombings in her neighborhood, strict public laws, and the loss of her family members. Through text, pictures, and emotion it became possible for the reader to more deeply feel marjane’s struggles. I’ve personally suffered my share of harsh experiences; surely that was not in the midst of a war, but it was never an easy road. Through my many experiences, no matter how bad there was always a source of light or wisdom that shined through. Can you recall that feeling you felt when you felt like someone or something had given you reason to panic, cry or be sad? did you play the scenes in your head over a thousand times? in persepolis marjane and her family always managed to keep their hopes up even in times of war. By having parties, and spending time together they were able to overcome the unbearable task of living in a dangerous area. not to mention the sources of wisdom, and courage marjane received, whether it was from her grandmother, her uncle marjane was inspired by those around her despite their situation. The simple truth is that bad things will happen to everyone; but no matter the magnitude we have to understand that though bad things happen, it provides us with a deeper understanding of life, and what it means to live. Now i’m not trying to teach others how to live, but i think if we can learn anything from Persepolis it’s that we have to accept that things happen, and when they happen we have to hold on to our beliefs, our loved ones, and our ambitions as tightly as we can. one of the most important aspects of going through hard times is the character we develop. we learn to adapt to our problems and suddenly we appreciate the nuances of life. this gives us even more reason to treat others better, to give to the less fortunate, and to respect ourselves; which is why, in my opinion we learn more about who we are in bad experiences than in any other phase of our life.


10 thoughts on “What can we learn from bad experiences?

  1. What a great post! I can personally relate to your post really well. Many people in today’s society have gone through so many life changing experiences such as the Twin Towers falling to the Oklahoma tornado tragedy. I like how you tied in Persepolis and how Marjane and her family went through hardships in their city and life. Not every day do you wake up to bombings happening in your city or wake up and still have a positive outlook on your day or the future. In Persepolis Marjane woke up day in and day out to people attacking her city. Despite that going on, Marjane and her family still kept a positive attitude and had a good time with family. I honestly would not wake up to a bombing attack and still have a positive outlook on the day or the future but at the end of the day I know that I have God on my side and everything will be okay.

    • I’m glad that you found it interesting. I’m sure you’ve been through plenty in your life, everyone has a story; everyone has their own battles to fight, I too put my faith in god. Faith is always good to have

  2. Its amazing how much I can relate to this post. I have gone through struggles that have made me cry. To this day, I look back on those memories and it helps remind me what has happened and how I can change that. For example, when I found out I had to get surgery done for the first time was the end of my life. I was terrified and I just wanted to stay with my parents. After a while, I was asleep and the whole procedure was finished. Those who have a family member or relative in the hospital earns my prayers towards their family because I know how it feels to lay in a bed. Thankfully I was cured, but there are many who cant be. Keeping these experiences in mind helps me remember how fortunate I am.

    • I’m all to familiar with hospitals myself. i like that you want to look back on your experiences as a motivator to be a better person, and yes it is hard to realize just how fortunate we are until something hits us.

  3. This is a very introspective post. I agree with you. Everyone has their share of hardships, some requiring more effort, love, support, time, etc to overcome. Persepolis was a great piece to demonstrate how universal sadness, discrimination, and loss is like. Regardless of upbringing, culture, and time period people are from, their emotions/the way they respond to adversity is the same. Emotion is the common link between people. Humans are extremely weak and extremely strong creatures; emotional strength and the ability to believe in hope determines what end of the spectrum they land on.

    • I like your points about universal suffering; no matter the culture a person comes from. we hear, and see negative things in the news all the time and its important for us to realize that their is none greater than the other; sadness is sadness.

  4. My grandparents always said that worry is a horrible misuse of your imagination. I agree with them. It doesn’t matter how bad things are worrying about them never seems to improve how you feel or improve the situation. You will always have bad situations that happen, but its up to you to make them okay. Reading the Persepolis, I realized just as you did, that Marjane and her family had to make everything okay for themselves even through the fact that some of their neighborhood was crumbling around them. I try to do the same thing when negative events enter into my life. I feel like your post relates to almost anyone and is of great practical importance.

  5. I really liked your post. i believe every experience whiter being bad or good shapes us to be who we are and we should never forget those experiences altogether because those are the experience that have an effect on our future. Marjane’s family was very cool, and collected and didn’t let bad times get to them they learned from the war in their country and were better people because of it.
    Great Post!

    • thanks, i agree with you; we cant forget our experiences because they shape who we will become if we choose to take a higher route than what’s been dealt.

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