Punk Is Not Dead

I think it’s unique to see Marjane’s true personality really come out. I don’t really think she was the kind of Iranian girl to walk around in a vest that says, “Punk is not dead”. But as I watched the movie it looked as if she was doing a lot of small things to rebel. I must say Marjane is a very strong girl for going through what she had gone through at such a young age. Having gone through a revolution and a war are not small things to overcome especially with her being so young she really didn’t know what was going on. However she was a very smart girl. Marjane’s parents played a big role as well; although her parents just wanted the best for her they sent her off to France to get away from the ugliness that was going on in Iran. And it was obvious Marjane didn’t fit in with the normal social groups she seemed t just cling to a group that didn’t mind her presence. I feel like Marjane’s life or the way she is forced to live in Iran is pretty crazy given the fact that women have to wear veils. While they where these veils Iranian guards give the women hard times scream at them to ” fix your head scarf sister”. This movie really opened my eyes to see how different other countries really are. I mean everyone has an idea but until you have experienced it first hand then you really don’t know. I think that Marjane is a very strong independent girl and woman and she demonstrates it through a lot of her actions through out the book and movie.


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