Living Through the Persepolis

After reading and watching ‘The Complete Persepolis’, it got me thinking about Marjane’s childhood and how she grew up compared to mine. Marjane grew up through the Iran revolution that involved many demonstrations with people shouting that her family was even involved in. Sometimes the soldiers even shot at the crowds of people. All these demonstrations continued and many people died. In the movie and book, it is shown at one point the Satrapi family waking up to gun shootings and bombings in their town. I’m reading this book and cannot even fathom how Marjane Satrapi grew up like this. I wake up everyday with thought of no danger around me, which I am more than grateful for. I understand this happened quite a bit ago; it’s just crazy to think about. Although Marjane’s life was filled with so many historical events, she did live a life that could be compared similar to you or me. She traveled and went to school and learned many things. Marjane fell in love and was even cheated on. Marjane married and divorced. Also in the movie, there is quite an emphasis on how much marijuana that was smoked around Marjane, which is a mixed-opinion subject here. What I’m trying to get at is that ‘The Complete Persepolis’ is a book written about the main character’s life experience throughout the Iran revolution. Her life was crazy and exciting just like you and me (added with many killings in her neighborhood as a young girl because of the revolution). I enjoyed the book and movie but as she becomes older, I’m just reminded that across the world she isn’t much different from me here in Texas or maybe somebody in Australia. The Persepolis shows the people fighting for what is right just like the American’s had done. (Page 26-32)


2 thoughts on “Living Through the Persepolis

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