Childhood Brain Squalls When I was very young, I enjoyed writing just as I do now. However, I had no writing process. I would receive the topic for my paper. Then, I would sit for an unnecessary amount of time thinking of what to write and write my paper all the way through. I never had any plans to perform any revisions. A simple editing process would be all I would use to finish my paper. Even though I had little to no writing process, I found that I did well on most of my papers anyway. I always felt that as soon as I started revising items in my paper, I would dilute my ideas and they wouldn’t have as much impact. It seemed to me that the first ideas that came out on paper or computer were my best. So, I continued for years using the same writing style of just writing out everything start to finish. I realized that this worked in high school, but when I made it to college, the amount of pages I was required to write for papers increased dramatically. My process didn’t work anymore. The length of the papers required much more expansion on my ideas. I also learned that I needed all the ideas my brain could generate. I finally started using pre-writing processes such as written brainstorms and outlines. Of course, to my surprise, it became much easier to write my papers. Although, I had never used an outline much before, I found the act of writing my ideas on paper and then looking at them sparked so many more ideas and ways to word my phrases. Now I understand that using my strategy in combination with a normal writing strategy helps me the best. Outlining and brainstorming first allow me to get a larger number of ideas into my work. However, I still make sure not to revise to the point where I lose the power of my words.


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