Borders are the Problem!

Image             Over the years, immigration has increased tremendously and it has become one of the main focuses of America.Americans see immigrants as delinquents and people that come to take their jobs.Thus, ruling to separate millions of families, and sending them back to the place they were running away from in the first place. Many people think immigrants come to America justbecause, not realizing that their is a bigger reason as to why they immigrate. For example, many immigrate to America in hopes of finding a better job to provide for their family, something they simply did not have in their own country. Others come to America , a place where “dreams come true” in hopes of a better future, and some come running away from all the crime and political terrors. What America does not understand is that, they are all humans and they do not deserve to be threatened, or taken advantage of just because they are illegal.Like Arnold Schwarzenegger  I agree that “ we can have an immigration policy that both strengthens our borders and welcomes immigrants.” Immigrants are not the problem, our border patrol system is the problem. In fact it will cost us billions of dollars to deport every immigrant than to reinforce our borders. Immigrants now a days make millions of dollars for the country, they take jobs that other people wont take. They take what ever wage they are paid as long as they can provide food on the table. The homeless that actually have the legal right to work and live in America, are standing in a corner asking for  money, living under bridges and being lazy. In comparison to immigrants they ask for jobs, nothing else so why punish them? Arnold mentions “the presence of the citizens’ groups along our border is a reminder of the federal government’s failure to do its job,” and he is clearly right, its the government who needs to take action and put up more than just a wall. But the people are not the problem, therefor they should not pay the price for our governments failure to provide more security on our borders.


5 thoughts on “Borders are the Problem!

  1. I will have to agree that there are reasons that many people emigrate to other countries and that they shouldn’t be mistreated just because of status of being illegal. After all we are all just people and should be treated as such. However I’m having trouble with Arnold’s statement that we can strengthen borders and welcome immigrants. This point seems to contradict one another. The way I interpret it is if we welcome more immigrants reguardless of status we relax our border control some. While at the same time if we tighten up on borders we will welcome less people into the country. However as there Is more than one way to skin a cat so there’s more than one way to interpret Arnold’s statement.

  2. I agree that the government is at fault for its failure to provide security on our borders. Immigrants shouldn’t be punished for the failures of the government. You bring about a good point how immigrants are actually helping our country by taking job Americans don’t. And the Americans that do have the luxury to stay in America are lazy and ask for money. But you kind of contradict yourself when you say that the government needs to take action “to put up more than just a wall”. Because earlier you talk about how immigrants benefit the country and they come to America in hope of a better life. So are you arguing for more security for the borders or for less security?

  3. Great article, but i dont feel our governments lack of border control is to blame. If someone wants to cross our borders illegally one way or another they’re going to. Especially when they know in doing so they’re guaranteed a better life. What i think our government does lack though is the ability to process citizenships or visas fast enough. I think it is only when that problem is fixed that those crossing illegally will stop being taken advantage of and begin to be treated fairly.

  4. I agree with you completely. I think immigrants are being punished for a bad reason. If Americans put themselves in their shoes, I think it would be an eye-opener. Although, Americans only hear as far as the newspapers, tv, and internet. I don’t think the goverment is being completely truthful. When you see an issue on tv it’s usually about border patrol catching immigrants rather than what the goverment can do to fix this problem or the next step to stop what is going on. A good thing, as you mentioned, is immigrants will take the jobs that Americans here wont. Those jobs do need to be filled by someone so why stop immigrants if thats what they are here for?

  5. You made some great points and relayed your perspective on a sensitive topic quite eloquently. For years now, I’ve had trouble deciding what immigration policy is best and more fair…I guess the US government has too since so much controversy still exists. If only there was a way to weed out the good from the bad…allowing people in who are truly seeking a better quality of life, to obtain a higher education, and for personal safety. My family is not native to this country and we are thankful for the opportunity to settle in this country, though it was legally. The same opportunities should be extended to all other families who cannot gain a legal status due to various reasons out of there control. I wish I had a fair solution to this issue and I’m sure the rest of us do as well. Good post.

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