A deeper meaning


When I was a child, I was infatuated with comic books. I remember staying up all night, reading issues of Batman and Superman with my older cousin. I used comics to enter my own little world and to create crazy scenarios in my head. Of course I didn’t go into too much depth into the meaning of the comics, besides the fact that they made me happy and fueled my imagination.
Chute & DeKoven opened my eyes to the fact that comics are not just simple image and text. Comics are more complex than how we perceive them. The way how image and text complement each other to tell a story is fascinating and truly adds depth to the plot. Comics are much more descriptive than regular novels, because they give your mind more to expand on.
I have also come to realized how much comics influenced my morals. Superheroes are always performing selfless deeds for others, while at the same time now falling into the same positions as the villains they stop. Comics connect and relate to the reader, making them feel as if they’re inside the stories themselves. Chute & DeKoven have given me a new found respect for comics, and I can’t wait to pass my own issues down to my children in the future.


3 thoughts on “A deeper meaning

  1. When I was younger, like you I was intrigued as well as infatuated with comics and also like you, it was a hobby that I shared with my cousins. One of my older cousins had the biggest comic book collection that I had never seen. He still have all of his comics to this day all in excellent condition. See he saw value in comics at an early age so he took care of them and in his thinking that one day they’ll be worth more in value. The X-Men comic book was one of my favorite comics when I was younger and I saw comic books as the only type of comics until I grew older and saw different forms of political commentary comics. In, Chute & DeKoven comic of explaining comics, there are different genres of comics. Comics can be very in formative, and motivating. Indeed, comics have also had an effect on my moral view in many ways. The written, imagery and the sequencing of the frame by frame is done intentionally to draw the viewer into the story scenes. It is great to read an article but it gives reading different level of excitement when imagery is added. By adding imagery to the written you can then experience the information the narrative is trying to deliver. Using comics as a form of teaching such as lectures is an excellent teaching tool as shown the comic in hand.

  2. I really liked this blog because it’s very easy for me to relate to. I also never looked at comic books with much of a glimmering light because I didn’t quite understand how to go about reading a comic. Did I love Batman, Superman and Spiderman? Hell ya. Just as much as the kid but I never just found myself wanting to read a comic. When I would pick one up I would always skim through the pictures and would try to put the story together just from the images I saw going through my mind. I agree with this because It talks about how images and illustration or text that goes along with these images really help the reader understand what the reader is reading. I have always kind of thought that comic books were pointless when it actually came down to learning anything from them. All this talk about it though has just shown me how completely wrong I am and comics have shown me that they are definitely a source of learning just in a different way.

  3. I liked how you shared who got you involved with comics because my older cousin also got me to read my first one. Although i never thoroughly read them i did collect almost all their action figures; and it was then when i would sort through his collection to find out what all their powers were. It was always easy to get lost in a different world afterwards, there where plenty of times that my house become a foreign land; where shelves become mountains, doors becomes portals. One thing i did love about comics is that it allowed my imagination to run free. But i do disagree with you saying that comics being more descriptive, give your mind more to expand on; i dont feel that way at all. Yes, it did allow my imagination to run free, but that was when i was playing with toys and not while i was reading the actual comics. I feel the pictures take away your imagination to run free; and although entertaining, i feel art with text limits what your mind could expand on since its already there in front of you.

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