Can Images and Texts Work Together?

Kress pic

The author explains that there is a difference from the text and images. Kress hopes a book would offer the reader, “a conceptual framework and tools for thinking about a field” (8).  The author believes that could only be discussed through written text in books, instead of images.  I believe that there is not really much of a difference between the words and images, and therefore could be combined easily.

While it is true that Kress wants readers to think about what they are reading, I still think they are able to do that with the text and images presented.  Many people have different views of different kinds of images being presented, with the written text.  For example, political cartoons causes many debates on what the image and text mean.

Although, it may be true that “writing…is governed by the logic of time,” and “images…is governed by the logic of space,” there is no outside evidence proving Kress’ point, even though he does give examples and his opinions (1). Kress also explains that the “world narrated” is different from the “world displayed,” but I think that they still give off the same idea of what is being presented to the audience (2).  For example, some of the Superman movies are narrated in some parts of the movie, while showing many scenes and images.

When the author talks about textbooks and learning, there are many people, including I, that would remember many ideas and topics by the use of images.  Many people even encourage the use of images to help understand the material, such as bar graphs to explain the texts on the powerpoint.

He never mentioned comic books as an alternative to text presented within the image.  They combine both text and images, to give off the idea on what the author wants the reader to think and happen.

Overall, there are many ways that text and image can be combined to open a field of discussion to the audience.


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