Is college really that important?

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From the time we are five years old we are put into school, and we stay in school for the next thirteen years of our lives. We are babied and led by the hand throughout our elementary and secondary school years. After high school some people need some time to think about if they want to go to college or not, I know that i did. I took almost a year off in between college and high school to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

College is not for everyone, some people do not even go to college, they might go to a trade school, or not go to either of these two  options. According to Robert T. Perry in his essay ‘ On “Real Education” ‘, 90 % of the fastest growing jobs will all require some form of post secondary education. So, yes college really is important. Whether you take one year or maybe, some people, even five years to decide what you want, take some action, so that you can plan for that rainy day in the future.


4 thoughts on “Is college really that important?

  1. I completely agree on your statement that college isn’t for everyone. From my readings from Charles Murray he also states that college isn’t for everyone and that many people have different reasons for doing so. Many of those just include trying to get a better job which is great but Murray also summarizes that if there is no desire to learn then college probably isn’t the right option. I believe that most of us fall under this category as I feel education has become more and more laid back and it has taken away the desire to learn. I also agree with your statement that people should take the time to decide what they really want to do with their life. Doing something you love is better than wasting four years or time and money working something meaningless. Yes college is important but only if it is being used to achieve goals of what you want to do.

  2. Thanks for your post! I think I agree with you. In particular, I like the idea of taking some time off before starting a new degree. I didn’t do that for my undergraduate schooling, but I did take about three years off before i started my grad school training. Had I not taken those three years off, I would not have decided to be a teacher and would not have decided to go back to school. Some times it takes working in a job that you don’t hate but that you don’t love (or a job you hate) to help you realize that you should go back to school. In my experience, I would not have known what I wanted to go back to school for if I had not taken some time off!

  3. I totally agree that college is very important. With all these changes, the competition and requirements for jobs have changed over the last couple of years. If you want to get a nice decent paying job they require a college degree, but if you want to end up working at a fast food restaurant getting paid minimum wage or less they at least require a high school diploma. With so much competition for jobs people that only have a high school diploma struggle finding jobs, struggle with money, and fear of getting fired the next day. A college degree opens the doors to many job opportunities. It also provides people with a stable job and a decent wage. College may not be for everyone but if all other plans fail I believe one should have a backup plan. Receiving an education definitely helps you live a more secure life, and of course it makes you wiser.

  4. Tamiko Daniels
    Indeed, I agree that college is very important for growth at home and in the community. College offers options and new ways of thinking. People who graduate college tend to be more successful to a degree because college teaches you to exam the world around you and to utilize your surrounds to advance in life. College truly teaches an individual how to think different, to look outstand of your comforts. College is different from grade school and secondary schools because of the intensity of your studies. College gives you the ability to research facts in such a way that you can tell what is true and false information fed to us through news, government, and other outside sources. I am a true believer in higher education, the level of knowledge only advances an individual ability make life decisions. There are many people in today’s culture who will agree, the evidence can be found in the increased enrollment into college. Another example is that more and more retiring age individuals are returning to college just to advance in their current position or either just to advance into a more suitable position. People are also returning back to school to increase their income. If you are unsure about entering or returning to college for whatever your personal reasons are, I will encourage you to do so. A person can never attain too much information so really what could it hurt to better yourself and advance in your knowledge? Knowledge is the key to the future, you can do it. College is and will be the gateway to a brighter future through new knowledge, such as new ways of thinking. It will be a difficult road to travel but the outcome is more rewarding. The choice remains yours, I have never heard anyone say that college was a waste of their time because the knowledge you gain is priceless.

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