Make A Positive Change

In the article titled “The Meanest Cities”, I found it to be quite interesting. I had no idea that some cities do absolutely nothing to help the homeless people within their city. The article gives an example to show how which cities are mean and in which way they’re mean. The main city that they talked about was Sarasota, FL. In Sarasota, “it is a crime to for the homeless to sit, sleep, or eat in public spaces”, which surprises me. Some other cities are not allowed to participate in charitable organizations that are to help the homeless by providing them food in public spaces, and will be threatened with fines up $2000. The article also surprised me by one of their comments, and that comment was “in Little Rock, Ark. Homeless people have been ejected from the bus, even after they have shown their bus ticket to the officers.” Is that really necessary?

Towards the end of America’s article, they state that “instead of criminalizing homelessness, greater efforts should be made across the nation to help people move out of their condition, or to help them avoid falling into that position in the first place.” I absolutely agree with this statement! Instead of treating the homeless in that way they should make the efforts to get them out, so that they are no longer in that position, then they will no longer be a problem. I have encountered homeless people plenty of times and yes it is scary and uncomfortable, but you could just take the chance to help. Even if you know or just think that they will only use your money for more drugs or other substances, which may have got them where they are. Just do it because you never know what your good deed could do.

If lived in Sarasota, FL I would honestly be embarrassed. I would not want to live in a place that is considered the top of the 20 meanest cities. They should change that by making the effort to help the people of their city.


One thought on “Make A Positive Change

  1. Rachel, I really like the point that you made in your article and your reaction is one that I can definitely relate to. I go to Texas Tech in Lubbock, and as ratchet as the city is, I realized quickly that there weren’t as many homeless people that were visably living on the streets. I would see them every Sunday on the street selling newspapers (I know this because I talked to a few), but I never once saw one posted up on the side of the road begging for change. This is because Lubbock constitutes being homeless as a crime. Therefore, it is illegal. Lubbock does nothing to help and it is so sad. I agree that that things should be done. I now that I think about it, I am embarassed ot live in Lubbock.

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