All a Mindset

The desire to be politically correct in our modern era is almost surprisingly insane. Then again everybody seems to blame anybody and everybody else but the devil will have his due. In the case the stigma that is associated with that type of shirt a “Wife-Beater”. Personally I really don’t see the issue with name while I realize what else is brought to mind when those words are used but they are just words. It all depends on how the individual person takes it, when someone calls the shirt a wife beater they are simply using the name that they have heard it been called many times before.

What really needs to happen is people need to develop thicker skin; people these days are so worried about offend people they take it to an extreme. People aren’t trying to single out one group or another when they say they just call it with what they’ve grown up with. In my child hood whenever I would wake up and walk to the kitchen dad would always be sitting in the chair with his yes wife beater. That’s what he called it that what mom called it, what everybody called it.

Whatever the perceived meaning of the slang name of the shirt what still is true is, it is just a shirt nothing more nothing less. People think what they want to think if they want something to offend them they let it.

To be fair I do understand her argument her view may come how she was raised and what she has been through. Been it seems that she wants much more change than will occur when people get set in their ways it is difficult to make a change. Especially when the real name of the shirt has rarely been heard.


4 thoughts on “All a Mindset

  1. Really good response. I, too, posted about this same article, but it seems like the one really important lesson I failed to take away from it when I read it was what you ended up saying. “What really needs to happen is people need to develop thicker skin; people these days are so worried about offend people they take it to an extreme.” This is all too true. It’s scary to see that there are actual websites like Whocanisue[dot]com that are practically begging people to overreact to small things and try to screw others over for it. Although my dad, personally, didn’t ever sport the wife-beater look, a great deal of the men in my family do. So, from that aspect, I can see your point very clearly. They are all upstanding, caring gentlemen who would never hit their significant other. All in all, a very interesting take on the article.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your response. I can say that i have personally rocked the wife-beater look when i was a little kid and still have some in my closet to this day. i agree just because you wear them does not equate you to someone who would physically beat their wife. I love what you said about people needing t

  3. to grow thicker skin. My parents tended to baby my little brother when he was growing up. To be fair he is the youngest of 3 boys but he was so sensitive. In eighth grade, he would still cry if i called him names. He wouldn’t have made it very long in high school sports if he was this sensitive and he realized this so he toughened up and it has only done him good. (This is a continuation of my first response)

  4. I completely agree with you. This society is so sue happy everyone is afraid to be blamed as races so everyone tries to be politically correct. I get how the t-shirt my have some ill feelings for those women who are sensitive of the word. I mean its a t-shirt not even its an undershirt what harm can come from it. I do not know how it got its name but it is a name none the less and it is not harming anyone. I really enjoyed you blog to the essay and I think you are right people so need a thicker skin.

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