Dang Gina, calm down.

In the article The Wife-Beater by Gayle Rosenwald Smith, she expresses her concerns for the piece of clothing known as “Wife-beaters”

Beating Women…in a Wife Beater 😉

I feel as if she took this term and completely made it dramatic. Yes, the reason behind the term “wife-beater” did first come from actual men who treated their wives with less respect. Most men wearing wife actually were featured on shows such as “Cops” for getting arrested for domestic violence toward their wives. It’s a silly stereotype that has just stuck around in society. There isn’t a reason or purpose to get all angry over it.  I mean would you rather say wife-beater or a ribbed tank top? Personally being a female, the term wife-beater has no negative meaning to me. I know that it’s just used a term to name a specific type of clothing.

I wasn’t aware either that shoulder pads and studded clothing was a sign of promoting physical abuse/violence to women. Am I missing something about the 90’s that made people think that all men were abusive to their wives?  It is an old stereotype that has been carried around today. I feel this argument just went overboard, it’s just a term used to call clothing.

Since when did an article of clothing represent a male dominant environment or gang affiliated violence towards women? I never really payed much thought for the reasoning behind a wife-beater, honestly I never even questioned it. So after reading this article, it kind of just made me chuckle.

After doing a little research, ribbed tank tops for females are sometimes called “Boybeaters”. Which actually became popular due to Avril Lavigne’s style. So should I be expecting another article from a male point of view on how this promotes violence towards males?

Sometimes, people take terms way to literal. Just relax, not everything means what is sounds like. That’s what English is all about, interpretation.



3 thoughts on “Dang Gina, calm down.

  1. I totally agree with your blog post. First of all, great picture! Second, its true that some people just need to calm a little bit. Sometimes I feel that people are just looking for something to make a controversy. There is no need in my mind to be arguing about why a t-shirt is nicknamed a certain way. It also was good to hear an opinion of a female.I never knew either that the woman’s version of that shirt is called a “boybeater.” I guess I should make an article on how wrong that name is and start a new controversy!

    • You should definitely make an article on boy beaters! Maybe the author would feel offended…saying you’re being sexist. Funny how the tables alwasy turn like that.

  2. Thanks for the post Raniyah. I laughed at the title’s reference to Martin Lawrence. Anyways, “wife-beaters” have been a part of my life since day one. I wear them to play soccer, basketball, when I sleep and even while I code. They are necessity when you live in the inferno that is Texas. After boxer briefs, I’d have to say that wife-beaters are my most sought after piece of undergarment. Personally, I think Smith is making an issue out of a non-issue, but honestly I could careless what they call them as long as they never stop producing them.

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