“Staying Trippy. A New Experience.”

Reading this graphic novel was a new experience for me. I had never really read a book before, let alone a graphic novel. It sounds like it would be a fun read, and my assumptions didn’t let me down. The war, the revolution, the massacre, and everything related to that are some serious and emotional topics. But reading it from a graphic novel’s perspective made a serious topic much easier to comprehend and digest. And not only that, it was easier to follow with the pictures that were provided. The way she would draw images gave me a sense of what she was feeling or going through at the time.

I personally think Marjane Satrapi did an excellent job in writing this novel. From the start, I was interested in how rebellious she was in relation to where she lived and the land of the law. Coming from parents who are more so traditionalist and stuck to their cultures and ways, I was easily able to relate and understand where she was coming from and why she would do what she did. I liked how she developed her character over time through the events that she experienced. What I liked even more is that she projected her feelings and thoughts in those pictures in ways the words weren’t able to describe. I felt that she rushed the end of the book though. I thought she could have slowed down and expanded on what happened to her lifestyle during those years. Maybe she didn’t write about them as much because they were uneventful, but that’s just a theory. I also didn’t like how she would sometimes talk about the future and spoil it for us instead of just letting us read through to find out. An example of this would be something like when she tells the reader that eventually they would get divorced before the marriage even happened. But overall, it was a very good read and I really enjoyed the book.


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