This Means War.

Cover of "The Complete Persepolis"

Cover of The Complete Persepolis

When people think of comic books or graphic novels most think of super hero’s of comic relief. Not many people see a graphic novel as something serious you can learn from. The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is about her life and growing up in war. For Marjane it must have been terrifying. I cannot even imagine what she might have gone through. To be worried twenty-four seven about your friends and family and wither or not the next attack would kill them. Then at the age of sixteen have to more to Europe where only a few speck the same language must have been tough. I know I would never be able to go through with it. Even when I went to Israel when I was thirteen and war had broke out again I was never really afraid. There were soldiers everywhere and I always felt safe. I knew they were there to protect me unlike Marjane who was saying goodbye to boys her age and was afraid to step outside in the wrong item of clothes.

With any book there are those who like certain books while others don’t. It is the same way with graphic novel. The only difference is with graphic novels the art work has to stand out too. For me normally I would never pick up this book not because of the subject or the religious aspects but because the art does not appeal to me. Comics and graphic novels are all different. The Complete Persepolis is just one type of graphic novel. Even though it is a thick book because there are so few words it makes this book a little easier to read, but when you go into the meaning of this book there are many lesson’s one can learn about the world and one’s self.


2 thoughts on “This Means War.

  1. Laura i enjoyed reading this blog! I felt that you were engaged as most of us were with the reading and how you could relate from personal experience. I liked how you explained what the book was, to inform the reader what kind of book it was, even if our class knew what it was. Perhaps you could’ve gave a glimpse or a small event of what Marjane went through. And I think what made this book so enjoyable was the fact how it started off from the innocence of a child and how she was growing up. And we all can relate by things she would say or do; at one point we too rebelled a bit. Especially us women, how growing up was not much different, only her surroundings. My dad’s from Honduras, and at his preteens transitioning into his teenage years there was a big war. I wouldn’t have been able to live through that. we can say we should be thankful how this country keeps us safe. But going back to Satrapi, the book those teach us lots of lessons! Great blog!

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