Violence in modern play

Violent games create violent offenders, by that logic those that play Madden expertly should be going to the NFL. The games youth play these days have changed just as the world has changed that doesn’t mean we can shuffle the blame off on a violent video game.

In the article “Violent Media Is Good For Kids” Gerard Jones makes the point to explain how the video games provide an out for some children rather than it be the tipping point. Personally I have never been around the progression of a violent offender but violence in the media is not the sole cause more like a saving grace Jones says,”Through immersion in imaginary combat and identification with a violent protagonist, children engage the rage they’ve stifled, come to fear it less and become more capable of utilizing it against life’s challenges” The violence that is seen or played through the video game can help save a life as weird as that sounds. Those games let kids connect and find their niche in life.

It’ true that some cases don’t turn out as well as we all hope but the truth is its not the games but how the child is raised and what they are taught about right and wrong.



2 thoughts on “Violence in modern play

  1. Thanks for the post Jacob, and I’m glad we see eye to eye on this topic. I believe video games allows kids to strengthen early literacy skills. In my brother’s case, he was able to learn ancient history through video games. I believe video games allow a child to learn higher-order thinking skills such as logical, strategic and decision making skills. I liked the comparison in Madden, and I think it goes to show just how far video game critics are willing to go to dispel any positives video games have to offer.

  2. I like your comparison in the first paragraph. You’re right, we don’t usually hear that someone who played wii sports is now this great bowler or anything like that. Violent games may have given them some ideas about how to be violent, but the violence was already inside them and would have come out in one fashion or another regardless of whether or not the game was played. If anything I would tend to think that it gives the player a false since of confidence. No video game I have ever seen can accurately teach you how to use a gun; recoil, clearing jams, and even reloading magazines is far different in real life than in a game…
    As a bit of constructive criticism though, your article can be a bit hard to read at times. There are several sentences with messed up punctuation or spelling. Also, your opening statement reads like it is a quote, but isn’t. Where are you getting that statement from? it’s the whole premise of what you attack in your paper, but it looks like you came up with it.
    keep on blogging,
    -Steven A.

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