Raised On The Streets

In the article Violent Media Is Good For Kids, Gerard Jones argues how violent video games and comic books are not harmful to children. Jones reveals that these video games, comic books, and music serve as an escape for kids who are trying to explore their feelings of fear, power, rage, etc. Jones gave two great examples of his own life experiences to support his argument. He informed his readers about his life as a kid and how his parents sheltered him from violence so he would learn that it was wrong and how to overcome it. Jones’ escape was “The Incredible Hulk”, one of his mother’s students introduced her to the comic, from then one he had a violent escape to help him manage his self-fantasies. The comic then gave him the self-assertiveness to become a writer.

Many people in this society believe that violent video games are the answer as to why some children end up becoming violent once they get older. However, I would have to disagree with people relating the violent behavior to what children grow up seeing in the video games they play. Our society should just come to the realization that there is no possible way of avoiding violence. Parents should also see that you may try your hardest to keep your children from specific video games or certain music as well, but more than likely they will get it form a friend or another source. For example, growing up my dad didn’t want my brother and I to play certain video games such as Grand Theft Auto nor did he want us listening to what he thought was bad music. Since we weren’t allowed to have bad games in the house we played games such as: Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Bros, and when PS2 came out we played Dance Dance Revolution. Yes we played other games that were considered non-violent at home, but that did not mean that we weren’t playing violent games somewhere else. My brother and I would play Grand Theft Auto at friend’s house while our parents were chatting with are friend’s parents. Playing that game behind their back did not have any violent effect on our behavior. The game showed us how things are in the world, which made us more aware of what really happens out there. Therefore, after reading this article and going based off my own experiences, I definitely agree with Gerard Jones. Violent Media is good for children. Parents should look at in the way that, at least there are expressing their emotions of rage into a video game and not a person.




One thought on “Raised On The Streets

  1. How you take the opposite stance than most people is great. I love how you told your own experience about video games and how they did not change you. It is the same for me my parents are against video games as a whole whether they are violent or not. Like you all I had to do was go over to a friends house to play them. Our parents generation probably will never change. But, as our generation becomes the parents maybe we will change and maybe we will learn to talk about them not refuse them in the house. Like you I have not turned out violent. Video games are not what make people violent. violence has been a part of human nature from the beginning. With war after war growing up with all the technologically advance weapons and media able to cover the majority of it. It is not that we are more violent it is we have more access and all around the world can see it.

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