Looking up to you


Pow! Bam! Smash! Batman became a popular comic book series in the 40’s and is still a popular superhero. But even characters like Lulu, Archie and Charlie Brown have changed the phase of the comic book world. It’s that much of an impact that these comics have on us that they can come back to our minds. In Barry’s The Best American Comics, Barry talks about no matter what the content may be, we can’t control what the reader makes out of it. “No matter how carefully a comic strip is constructed, the reader’s experience on it cannot be predicted.”(Barry) Any reading can leave us thinking, but images can be brought back to mind along with the text that was with it.  They leave a mark on us, regardless if you notice or not. Most of us notice it when we’re already into the 10th comic book! But what could be the reason why these characters became so loved?

As I was growing up, I myself wasn’t a fan of the superhero comics as oppose to my younger brothers. But I enjoyed reading the Archie comics. Of course there were somethings I wouldn’t get because I was too young to even know what it meant. I was about eleven or twelve when I started to read the little comic books; till this day I still have a few of them. Most of the humor I got, and that’s why I was hooked. But why was I even hooked? I liked the way the girls dressed and looked, especially Veronica. She had long black hair, always in fashion, had a nice car, and all the boys found her attractive. She was my “role model” so to speak. Anyone has had an admiration about someone famous, and at the age of eleven, I wanted to become someone like Veronica. We all look up to someone.  I strongly believe that every kid that has read a comic visualizes themselves as the main character, or one of the characters. That’s why many of the comics have been successful. Batman, Spider man, and your average Archie have made comic books and comic strips part of the American culture. They’re role models, heroes, examples that every kid still looks up to.


One thought on “Looking up to you

  1. I totally agree with you. It’s funny because the quote you chose had caught my eye too. I completely agree with Barry’s statement. I think the gutters between the comic strips are half of the story in a comic book. When I was reading Persepolis, it was kind of like a movie going on inside of my head because of the comic strips. It made it easier to relate, or at least to understand, her story. That’s why I also agree with the fact that some of these comic icons were role models to the kids growing up who read them. For me personally, it was Spiderman. I always thought he was really funny, witty, smart, and interesting. Also, he shot spider webs from his wrist. Enough said. I would pretend to be him, play as him with my friends, the whole nine yards. Thinking, acting, and watching Spiderman gave me this sense of confidence that I couldn’t otherwise summon by myself. So, I definitely agree that these comic book characters are a role model or a hero for someone somewhere.

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