Comic Books Serve A Purpose?



In the article, “The Best American Comics,” by Lynda Barry, I found a few things very interesting and educational. I myself am not one who read many comic books growing up. Now I understand a little bit more about them and why people enjoy them. The quote that caught my eye the most in the article was “No matter how carefully a comic strip is constructed, the reader’s experience of it cannot be predicted.”(Barry 15) This makes perfect since because each person will understand a picture or group of pictures a little differently. In Barry’s article she mentions “sometimes not getting the story the way it was intended can be the very thing that makes it usable.”(Barry 16)  The idea that a comic book author might intentionally makes his or her comics this way was also something I never would have thought about.

I have always felt that it takes a person with a big imagination to read, and more importantly enjoy a comic book. I can relate to those thoughts because I don’t have the best imagination, and therefore, I have never enjoyed reading them. This article agrees fortified those thoughts a little bit because it spoke a lot about how children love to read comics. Who has the best imaginations? The answer to that for the most part I believe is children. They probably don’t understand the written story very well, but they have the capabilities to make their own story in their heads just by looking at the pictures.

At the end of the day comic books serve a good purpose, not only for little kids, but also for people like me with no imagination. I say this because I would imagine that if i did a few more things that made me use my imagination more,(like read a comic book), I might have a better imagination today. Either way, comic books are a good thing.


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