Shoot Him! Shoot Him!

In an article that I read by Gerard Jones, titled Violent Media Is Good For Kids, I was introduced to a story about how a young 13 year old boy, who was shy and felt alone had learned to be a proud and confident young man solely because of the Incredible Hulk’s big bad persona. In today’s day and age, that similar story probably happens way more than we would expect it to. Young teenagers who are shy and keep to themselves, learn to be confident and bold individuals because of the way their favorite video game character carries themselves. Kids are starting to play violent video games at an incredible young age, and it shows through the way they play, and interact with their friends.

Children as young as 5 or so are playing very violent shooter games such as Call of Duty, and Halo, as well as numerous others, but not only are they learning what goes on in war and fights, the incredible amount of violence, but the adult vernacular as well. Now, at first you think oh this is horrible, kids should be playing with blocks and sports balls, not guns and fake grenades. But in the big scheme of things, kids growing up with that early and constant presence of violent media are actually more likely to be safe with real guns as well as be more social, out-going , and well-rounded individuals. It is the same kids that are outside playing with Nerf guns all afternoon, every possible day, that are the successful business men and women of our society.

Next time you think about taking a toy gun away from a young child and giving them a slap on the hand, I’d like for you to think about the importance of that abstract learning tool that you are taking right out of that kid’s hand



3 thoughts on “Shoot Him! Shoot Him!

  1. I agree, I was raised in a typical southern house where guns where always around. Violent video games aren’t the root cause for violence in America it’s the upbringing of the child. Parents are the first front for children when they reach the proper age there needs to be an educated informed discussion about the severity of actions. While parents do have the opportunity to blockade their own home from whatever they wish but this plan won’t hold out. School, sports and friends children will be surrounded by new influences some may be violent games. The parents educating the children is the best step to reducing violence and the falsehood that video games are responsible.

  2. This reminds me of the saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Which I think has proven to be true over the years. I was also raised in a traditional Southern home, perhaps a more democratic Southern home but I digress… My Dad always talked to me about guns as a child and as soon as I was old enough I was at the shooting range testing out my first .22. Until that point, I played first-person shooters more than I’d like to admit, which just kind of built up the anticipation of shooting a real gun. Coming from a home of gun enthusiasts, I can say with confidence that parents who own guns are often far better at educating their kids about the dangers of guns than parents who discourage guns. By the age of 4 I knew to never touch a gun, never point a gun at anyone, and that if I ever saw a gun to tell an adult. I knew the basic rules of gun safety before I knew how to read; I can thank my Dad for that.
    I like to shoot guns. I like first-person shooter games; the more violent, the better. I grew up with violence, as did my sister, and both of us are straight-A students with promising futures. I am not some homicidal maniac ready to go shoot up a school, I’m a normal kid.
    Although your generalization applies to me and Jacob, it is still a generalization. I know kids who were raised in homes with violent video games and guns and they are on the fast track to the state penitentiary. I think it all depends on parenting; parents have a bigger influence than any game or media. It is ultimately the parents’ responsibility to raise their children to be responsible and contributing members of society.

  3. I like this article, and agree that video games probably are not the underline cause of growing up to be a mass murder or cop killer, but i also think that children should be well-rounded. playing in a yard with a sports ball or building blocks and being outside is more important to a child, especially a male child than sitting around playing video games. I do believe that violent video games desensitize children to violence.
    My family are all hunters, and i grew up learning real gun safety. My brother and I were not allowed to play violent video games until middle school, but we were shooting real guns between the ages of 8 and 9. We saw first hand what a real gun can do.
    My brother got his first shot gun at 8 and shot his first dove at 9. he bought his own AR-15 at 19 and showed most of our liberal family what he bought and they all freaked out even though it was not loaded and did not have a clip in it.

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