Just Say No to Farmville

Our world is filled with busy people. But, we are human; we still care about our friends and family. We want to share pictures of little Suzie on her bike and wish Aunt Marjorie a happy birthday. Facebook is a tool that can help us do that and still have time to write that research paper for that summer English class. Like most ideas meant to enrich life, someone has to poke it and poke it until we kind of hate what we were excited about before.


FarmVille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ads; popping up in random places on my Facebook news feed are of particular distaste to me. In a recent blog post response by Steven Anschutz, he comments, “I have found in life that usually if anyone is at fault it is me, and my mistake.”

 While I sit here complaining, I think to myself, ‘Is it my fault that I have all these ads taking up my precious attention span?’  Kim Hart’s article, “A Flashy Facebook Page, At a Cost to Privacy” educates readers how the apps and games we download to our profiles on social media sites affect our news feed and more importantly, our privacy.  I have heard this before so every so often I thin out the “pity apps.” The ones I only accepted because they were from a relative to whom I didn’t want to say no.  Considering the privacy issue puts a different twist on it to me. It is no longer only annoying, it moves into a different place. My personal information being unwittingly exposed focuses my attention on what is more important. After reading her article and others like it, I think I will adjust my attitude and pay closer attention to those calendar apps and Farmville requests. They will just have to get that extra sheep some other way.


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