“Hulk smash puny problem!”

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Violence occurs in the world everyday. No matter where you are, it is just unavoidable. And, because of this, you will most likely have to deal with violence at one point or another as you move through life. In Gerard Jones’ Violent Media is Good for Kids, Jones not only argues that violent media can help deal with those violent and difficult situations, but that they help you understand yourself and your emotions and I couldn’t agree more.

Children have always grown up learning about violence in one way or another. And not only do they learn about it, they act it out. Whether it’s cowboys and indians, knights in shining armor rescuing princesses, or nerf gun wars with your friends, many kids play violent games in order to understand the world around them. The violence shown in the media is no different than that. It is merely a way for children to experience and understand the harshness of the world that they live in.

Jones’ experience with the Hulk especially caught my eye. While he said that he used the Hulk as a means to “carry [his] stifled rage and buried desire for power.”, I also believe that  he could have used it as a reflection of some of his issues with “withdrawing into passivity and loneliness.” The Hulk was stuck in a world that “misunderstood and persecuted” him. If and when kids have some of those feelings, they can see a reflection of their problems in the comics. They can see that those problems are not uncommon and not something to be ashamed and have solutions. And before you say that flipping cars and destroying cities isn’t the best way to deal with your problems, you have to realize that this is where the parents need come in.

For all of the people who say that they don’t want violent media raising their kids, I have one question for you. Why would you want any media raising your kids? This media should be used as a tool to help show your kids that their problems are not unbeatable. The parents themselves should at least be able to help the child understand that stories are just that. Stories. The parents need to have an active role in helping their children understand the media they consume. And if they can do that, I wholeheartedly agree with Jones that the media can be a powerful aid in helping children understand the world they live in.


3 thoughts on ““Hulk smash puny problem!”

  1. Very evidential post! I do agree that video games are not the source of violence in today’s society. However; I believe that video games tend to repress emotions, more than they release them. Video games are designed to stimulate the imagination. They were and are created to lure the player into this digital fanatasy, ridding one of their true identiy and replacing it with a character’s script. Many times after one plays video game, they often state, “Man, where did the time go,” or “I didn’t even realize that it had started raining.” What is true becomes lost into cyberspace, and is hidden underneath the concerns and cares of the role that they are portraying. Once the the game is over, the unrealistic persona fades and reality begins to settle in once again. One may feel relieved and believe that they have conquered their problems because of the process they’ve achieved in the video game, but they haven’t. In fact, what they have done is let their mind forget about the issue until it is brought up some other time. Frustration, sadness, and other emotions need to be addresses. Like a bruise given from being smashed by the Hulk, you forget about it for the time being, but the bruise is still going to need to be taken care of. Yes, the communication between the parents and the kids definitely needs to be there, but kids also need to realize that they can’t just turn to video games as a solution to their problems.

  2. Your post was very well put together and I most definitely agree with a lot of your points. I agree on the fact that video games are not the main source of violence in this society. I like the fact that you pointed out that violence is unavoidable and that you will encounter violence at some point in your lifetime. I believe that violence is something that you can’t avoid in anyway as well, and I agree that the violence in the video games give kids an outlet to express their emotions in a non harmful way as well as it teaches them about themselves, and how they will act to certain situations. I know that many people are concerned with the media raising their kids, so many of them keep them from it which I believe is a bad idea becasue they will most definitely get it from another source. Instead of keeping it from their kids altogehter the parents could let their childern experience that violent source of media or video game every once in awhile, but follow up with explaination telling their childern the difference between the game and reality.

  3. I totally agree with your post about media raising our kids. Media is there to help educate our children of society. Media should not be the one to raise our children we are. With the violent video games now day people are scared there children will become more and more aggressive. the fact is violence has always been a part of human nature. in the middle ages people just killed other people now we just kill them in virtual reality. human society has not changed just the technology and the way we carry out our needs. everyone needs are different some need drugs while others need alcohol, but most people use violence as a way out. with video games your not really hearting the person yet all your frustration starts to fade away. It is not the way we relies our stress that is bad but not understanding it. Our parents may not of have video games growing up, but they did have something. Your absolutely right it should not be the video games that raise our kids but the parents. Almost every parent sits down and has “the talk” with there kids so why not about media as well.

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