Hey let me get your Facebook!

Hey let me get your Facebook!

By: Geovanny Sandoval

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If you haven’t heard that line yet, then you’re probably a little behind on the activity fad trend. That line is being used more then your usual “What’s your phone number?” or “Hi, my name is so and so nice to meet you.” This is because 1/3 people are using Facebook more then once a day in America and 1.11 billion combine in the world according to Times magazine. Hard numbers to grasp when there are over 240 billion photos uploaded to Facebook and raising by the day.

My friends and I catch our self-thinking that I just invited someone I barely meet into my life profile of vast amounts of information. Now imagine developers that create the websites application that you never seen or meet in your life have access to your life. Pretty mind blowing if you ask me, knowing someone is technically watching you as you progress in life. I look at it as why do we still need high school reunions if we’ve been following each other for twenty years through out social media websites.

So what’s Facebook doing about it? Well according to Facebook’s policy “Once the information is the hands of a third-party server, we cannot do anything about it.” The majority of these developers use our information to provide us with ads based on our age, gender and our likes on Facebook. It kind makes you feel sketchy in the inside think maybe could us our information to misuse.

If developers are using your information to their advantage then so are employers when you go in for a new job. According to Carolyn Elefant “A recent study suggests that in fact, many employers are taking advantage of the treasure trove of information that social networking sites provide.” Indeed they would have to use social media sites to examine candidates when it comes to getting a competitive position.

All in all I close my blog saying when you receive this line “Hey let me get your Facebook.” Step back for a minute and think twice about it.


4 thoughts on “Hey let me get your Facebook!

  1. I think that this blog is great! I like how you put the statistics in the blog. I always wonder if someone can get to my information on Facebook, but I blew it off, because I thought no would be able see it. You have shown me how wrong I was. Now that I know that they’re maybe looking up my information and might be using it scares me. this blog has me contemplating whether I should have a Facebook page or not. It would seem that Facebook would do something about this to protect their customers, but apparently not.

    • Thanks, but its a bummer knowing that we can never retrieve back our information once its out on the internet.

  2. Good post! I think the point you made directly parallels the social reality of not only Facebook, but of the generation. How many times do we submit ourselves to “what’s hot” or “the latest rave”, without actually reading the terms and conditions? Our society now a days acts a lot on impulse and tends to forget about precaution, and your blog definitely proves that in regards to social media.

    • Exactly! We sometimes jump the gun by clicking agree to everything without really taking the time to read what we our signing up for.

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