From what I understand a blog is sort of like Facebook where you can post what your feeling or what is on your mind. The difference is with a blog it is like your own website and Facebook anyone can see your information along with your posts.

                While reading The Importance of User Education In Privacy it made me wonder if my boss could see my information can anyone see it. I have Facebook set up so that only your friends can access my information. Anyone who is technology advanced who knows how to hack into URLs could easily get all the information and private chats at any time. Facebook is one of the ways in which people communicate. It is faster than email and more private than twitter but how private is it. From your own page you can really tell if someone who is not your friend can see your page.

                In A Flashy Facebook Page, At A Cost To Privacy reminds me of all the friends I know who are addicted to the games on Facebook and how my page gets slammed to join a friend on a multiple of games. “some security researchers warn that developers of the software have assemble too much information-home town, schools attended, employment history- and can use the data in ways that could harm or annoy users”(Hart). With that amount of access into someone’s history a thief could still the information they need to get into your banking accounts or cell phone service. Most of the time in high risk places like those they could ask for your mother’s elementary school or your father’s mother’s madden name.

                I start to wonder how many people are truly safe on Facebook; and how many people need to recheck there status to make sure it is right.


3 thoughts on “blog?

  1. I agree that the privacy issue with Facebook is one not to be taken lightly. It is surprising and appalling at just how little they do to protect their users. I wish there was a true way of deleting things from the internet. It’s scary to think that what you put up never goes away. You’re right about how dangerous it is that apps can access our personal info because it is often used as answers to security questions. It makes you really want to rethink what questions you use as security for other websites and what information you actually post to Facebook.

  2. Recently I worked at a department store part-time. One late night, during the holiday season, our manager spoke over the radio. He said, “Get some sleep tonight guys, and don’t stay up all night. Especially you, ____, (he named a co-worker) I see you on your Facebook all night. Turn that computer off and go to bed, girl!” The fact that they were Facebook friends is irrelevant to me, and I thought at the time was that his comment was funny. Later, I did think the same thing as you. What is seen by others, be it an employer, friend or stranger. It made me think more about how I represent myself on-line and, what kind of example I set.

    Reading what you said about anyone technologically advanced enough to hack into private chats was something I had not thought of either. That is even more of a reason to safeguard our personal information. Thanks for your thought-provoking blog!

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