Bilingual People Are Smart


Reading the essay “Why Foreign-Language Study Should Be Required” by Nia Tuckson, I came across few interesting thoughts and viewpoints. From one side I think it’s very important to know more than one language. A person can get a lot more opportunities simply by being bilingual. For example, by meeting new people and studying more about their culture, and there are more job offers for bilingual people. Simply when speaking another language, the same person is now worth two people and this deal is very profitable for businesses. In February 2011 United Press International published an article that quoted the following. “The researchers found students who spoke Russian and Hebrew demonstrated higher proficiency not only in English, but also in Hebrew. In the intelligence test, the gap was more than 7 percent on the side of the Russian speakers.” It is proven that if a person who is bilingual then it is easier for him to study more languages and their IQ tends to be on a higher-level then monolingual person. On the other hand, if the school requires students to learn the second language, then the pressure of simply making a student speaking another language results is some student hating bilingualism. For example I love reading books, but when my class required reading a book that I knew was a good book, I did not enjoy reading it simply because I was pressured to do it. Only after the school year was over I could pick up this book and enjoy reading it without any outside pressure. Personally I am very happy that through my life circumstances I learned a second language, this way I made more friends and learned a lot more stuff such as the American culture, and actually being involved in it. I hope that other people realize that knowing a second language will help them in life and make their life more diverse.



5 thoughts on “Bilingual People Are Smart

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  2. Hmm that is an interesting point of view. There are a few things that stood out to me when reading your blog. I would love to learn spanish, I think it would be an amazing skill to have, however in high school when forced to learn it I hated it, and did not look forward to class at all. I do not know if that was me being naive or perhaps your theory is correct. Knowing two languages is an amazing skill to have and I do agree that it is definitely more favorably looked upon. However I also think that it should not be a requirement. While learning two languages can easily be profitable, it can also be somewhat useless for ones career/lifestyle. You may argue that it is still a good talent to have, which I completely agree with. Yet, is it worth the time and hard work spent for something one may use only every so often.

  3. As someone who speaks more then one language I do agree that i have a little better opportunity for certain jobs. Now the career I am going into I will have to know two if not three languages. I believe not everyone wants/ needs to learn to languages. Some people are not able to learn a two yet along three. Some jobs when you are able to speak two languages they will pay you more and you will have more job opportunity. When I had to learn my second language it was not bad I found it pretty amazing. Then I tried to learn a third and fourth is when I found it hard and very boring. The lessons went on and on forever. I also was a teen age and thought I knew everything. Thats why i believe if you have to make kids learn a second language it should be when they are younger and their brains are still developing.That way they have the opportunities to have the best careers when they become older and out of school.

  4. Just as you have mentioned in the above statements, being a bilingual surely counts when it comes to broadening your interactions. Just as you are, I am a bilingual speaker; fluent in Korean and English. When I first started my adventure in English, I purposely had interactions with those who spoke English. I approached to them first so I could learn the language at a faster rate. As I approached, what I have realized is that I was learning their culture. I was learning the genre of music they like and what kinds of food they favor and so on. That same experience repeated when I started taking Chinese class. You first learn about their culture, the way they speak and interact with each other, before taking the class for your grade. I was amazed at how taking Chinese class broadened friendship with the Chinese kids at school. Because I now had similarity with them I was able to connect and interact with them. Having a bilingual ability is especially useful in the business world. This century is not about domestic but international business. Knowing another language could open up your economic opportunity as well. I do agree and am happy of my bilingual ability and encourage others to take upon that journey.

  5. I agree with you! Being bilingual definitely has its benefits. Talking from personal experience, it has helped me tremendously not only in school but also in my personal life. Nowadays, especially in this country, knowing another language besides English can make you more desirable for better opportunities. Since everyone is required to take a second language through out high school, I think college should require it too. Assuming that the class was taken seriously in high school, most college students should not have a problem to continue learning. In my opinion, learning a second language cannot hurt you it can only help you. I do agree with you that when something is forced on us we just do not feel like doing it. I like the example you gave about the book because I am the exact same way. However, if you were already forced all through out high school might as well just continue to learn another language. At the end, learning another language will only benefit you in the real world.

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