Team Work

Like we talked about in class, there are pros and cons to utilizing group projects. Some people might prefer to work alone, or might not think group projects are as fair in grading. But in my opinion, group projects for presentations and argumentative essays….. ect are great. With a group of people there are a lot more opinions, ideas, strengths, and weaknesses. Being in groups also allows for more creativity.

Say Jim Bob was given an assignment to write an essay and present a presentation about legalizing gay marriage or not. Let’s say Jim Bob is gay, and so of course he is fore legalizing marriage. His essay would be for legalization but he would not have very many reasons as to why we should not legalize it. Jim bob is also not good at public speaking, so when he goes to present his essay and presentation to the class, it’s a hot mess.

If Jim Bob did this assignment as a group project, the outcome of the essay and the presentation would be much better. Maybe some of the people in the group are not for legalizing marriage and have good reasons as to why. Jim Bob would have never thought of those reasons unless he collaborated with his group. And when you’re in a group, there are more delegating jobs. So Jim Bob is not a good Public speaker, but Jesika (a peer in Jim Bobs group) loves speaking in front of a crowed and would make the presentation flow much better.

When working in groups in general there are more ideas, more opinions, and allows people to use their strengths to better the project. If one person is good at organizing, they should be the group leader, if someone is good at visuals, they should focus on the presentation, if someone is good at writing, and they should focus on the essay. Overall I just think a group is better than one.


3 thoughts on “Team Work

  1. I also really like group work but it depends on the project. Group work works well for things like research projects and presentations but I am not sure how easy it will be to write the paper. In certain aspects it will be much easier. The group will have more ideas to discuss in the paper. However, writing the paper will be more difficult unless the all the group member can meet at the same time. If not the group may decide to have each member write a certain part of the paper. This can disturb the flow of the paper due to certin members being better writers than others or people using something as small as different tenses. If the group chooses to follow this route each member will need to finish their section at least a few days before it is due so that they can piece it together as a group and make sure the paper flows. The assignment could end up being a challenging one but I do believe it will be a great learning experience for both writing skills and collaberation.

  2. I don’t ever recall doing group work, so I’m not sure if I will like it or not. Although I have been out of school for a long time, so maybe I’ve forgotten. If I did do group work, apparently nothing too traumatic happened, like meeting my new worst enemy. It seems I would have remembered if something really bad happened, or good for that matter. Typically I prefer to work alone, but that’s primarily because it’s what I am used to. I enjoy working with others and sharing ideas, so I think that part will be fun. Plus, I can draw on the creativity and strengths of others in my group. I also like the thought of “less work.” Yet, I guess it’s only fun and will require less work if I don’t end up with a group of slackers. I really don’t see that happening though. We seem to have a good group of students in our class. If each group consists of five people, each group should be pretty well rounded as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned. All in all, it will be a nice change of pace to work as a group and interact with my class mates.

  3. I agree that group work does provide more input and creativity, however, group projects are not always beneficial. In an ideal group, everyone would complete equal amounts of work and collaborate easily. Very rarely do group projects end up happening so perfectly. Majority of the time, there are procrastinators in the group who end up getting to ride along while the motivated students complete most of the work. In this situation, the people actually doing the work are holding back because they do not want to take on the whole project themselves. Also, the students with less participation in the group are able to still survive and come out with a good grade. If the project were to be individual, the hard working students would be able to use their ideas without holding back, while the less motivated students would be pushed to overcome their bad habits in order to produce a submittable project.

    I think it would be better to have pre-writing groups where students converse with one another on topics and pull together ideas. After this took place then each student would make write their project separately. This way you get the benefit of collaborating ideas without the cost of frustration and possibly a grade. Some say that team work makes the dream work, but I think that a successful dream only takes one dreamer.

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