What to expect

When I began to purchase this book, I thought it was just another large boring novel that I would have to spark note because I hate reading. I will admit when i purchase this book I set it on the television until before the week it was due. I picked it up and decided that this book will be one I read. As i opened this i realized it was a comic and had to deal with animals. I began to read, then 3 hours later i realized I was so far into the book I didnt realize i was almost done. It was so interesting.

As you read this book it brings out a lot of things that happen in the past that most people over look. This story may not be 100% true, but it is a story someone from the holistic experienced. It brings out the relationship between arte and his father. They talk about how they grow and the experiences they went through growing up with a family that went through the holistic. They also show the how arte’s relationship with his brother and mother. Arte grows with in his own self while writing this book. This book brings out the history between what we read in history books and what actually happen. This book bring to life the reality with a certain spark by adding animals.



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