What to expect from Maus!

When I first opened Maus I didn’t know what to expect all I knew was I was holding a thick heavy book that sounds like mouse but is spelled completely different. When I first opened the book I was shocked to see that it was all a comic strip? In my opinion it was very easy to read. I have a very hard time staying focused and picturing what is actually going on and who is actually speaking. But with Maus I can see what they look like I can see what they are doing and see where they are instead of having to guess. No the pictures can’t move like a movie but each box has a different picture and each box has short sentences but it is enough to get a good understanding of what is happening. The pictures help portray a perfect understanding of the book. Without the images being so graphic but at the same time not graphic it makes the book real. I feel as if I am there with the mice in Auschwitz and honestly it is kinda scary. Once I stop reading I get very scared and sad and depressed. It scares me because the images and the violence and everything those innocent people went through really hit me and I felt scared and sad for them. How could people treat other human beings in such a way? How can they live with themselves? The whole book makes you realize that this was real. I feel some people don’t understand how real the holocaust was and I was one of those people I had read about it seen movies and pictures about it but never have I read or seen anything like Maus. It makes me feel like I was there starving and cold. And that thought honestly scares me to death! I could not imagine having to go through that, but I felt as if I did when I was reading this book.




2 thoughts on “What to expect from Maus!

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. It is very scary to think that people can treat others so horrifically, and for no reason whatsoever. Of course, Hitler, the Nazi’s, and the Germans justified it in their own corrupt way. Yet, for the average person it is hard to comprehend such hatred. What I liked about Maus is that it brings the holocaust to the forefront of our minds without being too depressing. Yes, the subject is scary and sad, but, for me, by presenting it as a comic lessened the burden. I’m sorry to say that I never saw the movie “Schindler’s List”, directed by Steven Spielberg. I’m sorry because it has a powerful message to relate about what the Jews endured during the holocaust. It’s a message that needs to be told, that needs to be heard, and should not be forgotten. But, honestly, the subject of the movie was so heavy and depressing that, from an entertainment perspective, I didn’t want to watch it. Yet, no matter how many movies I could watch or books I could read, there is no way I could ever imagine or comprehend, not even a little, the hatred, violence, or fear the Jews endured. A few years back, I had the opportunity to visit Dachau, one of the concentration camps in Germany. Vladek, in Maus, was shipped to Dachau after leaving Auschwitz. It was one of the most dismal places I’ve ever been. Walking through the gas chambers where countless people were murdered and looking into the ovens where bodies were burned was disturbing. Even more unimaginable then enduring that is flipping the switch which killed those souls or disrespectfully throwing their lifeless bodies into the fiery ovens. Maus helps us to gain a better understanding of what happened during the holocaust, but at the same time is not too burdensome. Maus has a powerful message to share; one that needs to be remembered. For that reason, I believe it should be required reading for all students.

  2. In narratives like Maus especially, graphic novels bring so much more to a story than words alone. I did not expect to like Maus as much as I did. I agree that it was fairly easy to read, and the story was interesting and kept my attention. I think it is interesting that Maus had more of an emotional impact on you than movies or other books on the Holocaust. I enjoyed the personal experience and the realistic details given in Maus, but for different reasons. I felt that the use of animals rather than people helped make the concept slightly less disturbing. The story was still compelling because it was true, however, not being directly related to people made it easier to read for me. Using animals as characters did not make the story any less depressing, it just made the book slightly more distant and a little easier to digest.

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