Maus was supposed to be boring!

When assigned the reading assignment of Maus I was very discouraged, I work two jobs and have other classes, and did not think I would have the time or energy to be able to read a book I was not interested in. To my surprise, once I started reading it I could not stop. I was not bored at all and actually enjoyed it. Perhaps it was due to the format, which also caught me by surprise upon reading it. I have never read a book quite like the format of Maus. It was interesting to be able to read a detailed story of one’s life through the holocaust era and still be intrigued by the comic book format. In high school I was required to read a book for my english class about the holocaust as well. This was one of the most boring books I have ever read. It seemed long, and drawn out. Now some may say I found this book so boring, and Maus not boring at all because of the different formats. I agree that this is true, but I also have read many books without this comic book, artistic format which I have loved. While I agree that reading, and communicating through text is a dying form I also think that some times its more beneficial to have both artistic values and written text in a document, making the book, paper, news, or whatever it may be, much more appealing to the reader.


2 thoughts on “Maus was supposed to be boring!

  1. I agree, normally when I’m assigned to read a book for school, i instantly believe the book is gonna be boring. I have only really liked Ender’s Games, Great Gatsby, Hunger Games and a few other books assigned throughout high school but many of the books were extremely boring or unentertaining to me. I just started reading Maus, and for some reason have found it easier to comprehend and read through than most books. This is the first graphic novel school has assigned to me, and I guess it has caught my interest because of the contrast from the other books. Different catches the eye. Also, the pages aren’t that long, so reading this may only take a couple hours a day then you are finished. I hope that Maus is still interesting as I continue to read along.

  2. I was also shocked when I opened Maus. My first reaction was “Oh my goodness, I got the wrong book!” I am really glad that this book is in the form of a comic strip. I am not a big fan of reading. If I feel that the book is amazing, I will read it all in one day if I have the time. However, if I find it to be uninteresting, it could take me months because I will put it off for as long as possible. The reason is because I have a hard time concentrating on a book with pages filled with words. To see this book filled with pictures, I knew it would be an easy read. I also find pictures to make it more interesting. I am not a very creative person. My family always tells me that I have no imagination. This makes Maus the perfect book for me because I would have difficulty picturing Jews and mice and Germans as cats. But now I do not have to because they are right before my eyes.

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