Kids and violent video games

Kids in this day and age are growing more and more dependent on video games and television for the means of their entertainment, which isn’t always a good thing. Parents are resorting to simply taking the easy way out of having to interact with their kids and instead handing them an xbox, ipad, or even iphone. All three of which all include violent PG13 gaming material accessible by even a four year old child. Some of the games include Modern warfare, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and Dead Space. Just a few popular ones from the hundreds of mass murder and gory trash thats out there. Dead Space being a game played through xbox, as well as also being number one of the top ten worst video games for children according to Shooting german Nazi zombies spewing blood and guts should never be a five year olds form of entertainment. Letting your child not be active and social through sports or outdoor activities, but instead playing violent video games just reflects horrible parenting. I believe video games should be permitted but ONLY by adults over the age of 21, any age below that is still considered a child and greatly influenced by anything they come in contact with. Violent video games are destructive to a child’s mind, by teaching what combat in the military is like, as seen in Black Opps (Call Of Duty). In Black Opps they simulate what looks to be a real life war including guns, knives and grenades. The objective being to get the most kill streaks than the other team. Combat in the military mentally messes with the soldiers, but becomes seen as fun entertainment to most kids in this day and age. Parents should definitely monitor what their children play video game wise.


One thought on “Kids and violent video games

  1. I completely agree with you. I feel children are spending to much time on video games and violent media. What parents fail to realize is that even if you take away the video games if you don’t monitor what the watch they can still get a hold of violent media! Parents don’t understand the importance of keeping the majority of violence out of their child’s life. I will agree some source of violence may be ok. You cannot shelter your child from violence, violence is every where an it is a real life thing children will be introduced to this violence but what matters is what age YOU the parent choose to subject your child to the violence. 5 year old children should not be playing call of duty or black ops all that. They should be playing Mario kart, yes Mario kart has violence but it’s a different kid of violence. The characters are not getting shot and bloody and guts arnt everywhere. That’s the difference. Also even spongebob is violent but it’s not bloody and gory.

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