Video games? really?

There are a lot of different types of games out in this world. There are fighting games, racing, fun family games, and much much more. More people every day are playing video games. There are young kids to older adults playing the same games.
Children these days are becoming more mature then what they should be. When I was 10 years old i played outside and ran around. I did have video games a game cube and Nintendo. I played video games every once and a while. I never stayed up all hours of the night to play games. Kids now a days are up all night playing video games that are suitable for their age.
You have parents out in the world that go out and buy their children these games, not know what they are about or caring what they are about. As I was playing xbox the other night I began playing with a little boy whose names was destroy_all_nosurvivors, he was 10 years old. As we began to play he was cursing and shouting about how many kills he had. We were all playing the new COD, which by law he is not old enough to play. Actions like these from children who should be in bed getting ready for school, not cursing and screaming at a games at 11 clock at night.
I do believe the world has changed from video games these days. In the older days there where people killing people, but not like today. People play games (parents let their children play these games) and they bring hate inside of them. With the theater shooting in Colorado and the children who has shoot up school. A lot of these events has had the tactical strategies of new video games that have came out. Parent s should watch more carefully, and have them play games and act their own age. Aslo play games they are age credited for.


3 thoughts on “Video games? really?

  1. It sounds like you are just mad that this little kid online was beating you…just kidding. I agree with you for the most part of your blog though. Like yourself, I played video games as a child. and even still play video games today. I am not saying games with shooting, killing, and other violent activities should not exist, but I do think that parents should be more strict with their kids. I play video games with violence, and I do not find myself having evil urges or evil thoughts, but I also did not start playing these games until I was five years old. Just kidding, I was around eighteen or so, but even then my parents were not extremely excited when they saw me playing these games when they had grown accustomed to watching me play mario, pokemon, and sports games as a youth. I am not saying that video games are bad for kids, I too love to play sports and be active, but video games were also a large part of my childhood.

  2. I totally agree with your blog. Video games and TV are great entertainment, but you always need to have a balance. This post brought memories from my childhood. The whole neighborhood was all connected. We were all friends playing many games outside or just do some pranks to the drivers. I can recall many funny stories, embarrassing stories, just a lot of memories. Today driving into neighborhoods, you will rarely find a child outside playing or riding a bike. Sadly they are glued to the computer screen and wasting their childhood away. They do not have any memories from their childhood, no stories. There is nothing to recall in the future, there are no stories to tell to future children. This way the society becomes very locked in and non conversational. The communication is dying off; everybody is becoming “private”. I wish that parents would pay more attention to their kids and what they are doing, I wish they would spend more time together outside.

  3. I personally haven’t had much experience hearing a ten year old screaming while playing a violent video games but I do hear many stories from my peers. ocassionally from time to time I see advertisement rolling between tv shows and while surfing the internet. I am usually amazed at the quality of the graphic and how real all the killing and violence seems to me. Some of the games had such a fine graphics that almost made me feel as if I was infact present while the kiling occured. I see the ratings but now the rating seems to be useless for I know for a fact, this violent video games could be placed at the palm of a child without much concern. I think that American culture has video game inclusive that even at a young age, a kid feels the need of a video game. Video games may be used as a tool of communication between the kids and maybe that’s the reason why parents buy those for the child, so they can fit in with the society. Parent’s greatest fear may be for their own child to be isolated from the society. Also America has many holidays and their love towards their child overwhelms the reality. The parents may want to get the child what they love so that they will receive that love from them. However, that love is temporary and is a repeated process. As we have discussed in class, exposure of these violent games may give a child an effect that may not be visible but may act as a catalyst when a violence is present.

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