Are Video Games Really the Issue?

Most people think we are becoming more violent but are we really? Where there not wars? Were there not gangsters in the past? There have been wars since before we could spell and gangsters were even more cold blooded then they are today. Everyone wants to point the finger at anything that’s not themselves, when in reality there’s more fingers pointing back at you.
According to many Sociology books and sociologists, violence is decreasing in America. If this is true then the statistics of every concerned parent or citizen about video games causing violence is irrelevant. Just because there are a few young mentally ill people that copies things they see on video games, does not mean the games are the problem. Maybe the problem is them. Video games are not the only things people reenact, copy cats will reenact anything they think is cool whether that is a cartoon gangster or their friends doing illegal things.
Video games are more so things that we can escape into, creating different people so you don’t have to worry about your personal stress for a little while. Getting to be someone different even for just 30 minutes can be very therapeutic for some people. Even if you’re a bad guy, you relieve anger by getting to cause someone else pain without having to actually do it. Although, not every game is appropriate for kids, but that is why they have ratings. Some may say well your teaching your kids to hurt people and I will never let my kids play violent games. Well those are the parents whose kids actually hurt people. When you restrain a child from letting out their anger out you are just making them bundle it up and one day they are going to lose it. I grew up with a lot of anger issues and started playing grand thief auto when I was 5 years old, even though that was too much of an adult game, it let me vent for a little while. I’ve never went and shot up anything and I’ve never even used a gun. To say video games are the issue is like saying candy is the reason you have cavities.


4 thoughts on “Are Video Games Really the Issue?

  1. I agree with you that video games really aren’t the issue our society has. The world is and always has been incredibly violent. Violence isn’t some new thing that our generation came up with; there have been murderers for as long as there have been humans on the earth. On the other hand, I don’t think that young kids should be playing Mature rated games, such as you playing Grand Theft Auto when you were five. Mature rated games are made for adults, and parents should know enough to not let their kids play them, or should at least wait until the kids are mature enough. Mature games can include extreme violence, sexual themes, and strong language. Giving a kid a Mature video game when they are that young is bad for their mental and emotional development, and can give them skewed views of right and wrong. That doesn’t mean that by giving a five year old a Mature game you are ruining their moral views forever. And keeping video games from children entirely is almost child abuse. Games rated E for Everyone, such as Mario Kart, are perfectly fine for small children. And games rated T for Teen are quite harmless for mature responsible kids who aren’t quite 13 yet. These E and T games are made for younger children! They allow the children to vent their emotions, without the negative effects of violence and language. In my opinion, however, even if there are no visible negative outcomes, for a parent to allow their five year old to play Mature games is simply irresponsible.

  2. I agree with you! Nowadays society is blaming video games for all the violence that exists. Violence, like you said, did exist even before video games were created. I liked your explanation about how video games can be therapeutic for some people. Referring back to the reading from the book, Jones explains how video games are helpful in the development of emotions in some kids. Though I also think that video games, if used in excess or without an adult supervision, can be very damaging for some kids. For example, one of my 8-year-old cousins plays inappropriate video games and he tends to behave very aggressively most of the time. However, my other 8-year-old cousin plays video games according to his age and his behavior is very different from my other cousin. In my opinion, the effect of video games on people also depends on the maturity level of each person who is exposed to the violence. I really liked the analogy you used at the end of your post!

  3. I agree. Violence is not anything new. Violence goes all the way back to the beginning of mankind when Cain, out of jealousy, killed his brother Abel. By our nature, humans are corrupt. It’s a natural response to blame others for their problems. It’s so much easier than taking responsibility for the circumstances in our lives. However, as you note, when someone points one finger out in blame, there are three pointing right back at them. We need to not only take responsibility for our decisions but we also need to be held accountable for them. The widespread violence in today’s society is not the problem but the symptom to a much bigger problem. America has systematically removed God out of almost every aspect of our lives. Without God’s guidance, we act as the world acts; we allow anger, hatred, and rage to control. Furthermore, we place the blame for our problems on things like video games. Society needs to wake up, accept responsibility for the situation they are in and change their direction. A mentor of mine taught me, “For things to change, you have to change.” Society needs to change their ways and turn back to God.

  4. i agreed with your post! violence has been around ever sense ever. it is human nature to be violent in certain cases…. like self defence for example. but as far as violent video games making kids more violent is not right. like you, ive played GTA sence i was in like fourth grade…. and ive never once been in an actual fight with anyone, or been violent towards anyone at all. i found your anology “To say video games are the issue is like saying candy is the reason you have cavities.” very funny and true. to say violent video games is causing kids to be more violent in reality is almost like justifying some dope heads actions by saying its the drugs fault. parents should be held accountable for how ther kids act because its a direct reflextion on them. and like what leslee was saying, if god is in these childrens life, they would no the difference between right and wrong. everything falls back on the parents and the envierment they raise their kids in. if you teach your kids right from wrong, then there should be no problem.

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