Violent Media… Attributes & Behavior


Every person is different… some may not be influenced to an extreme extent to commit violent acts… but others very well may be. An example would be a “copy-cat violence act” which is where someone witnesses an act of violence and is influenced by it to recreate it… A couple watched natural born killers and then went and killed a cotton mill manger…shot him twice in the head and than did the same thing to a convenience store clerk…video games, movies, television, music, etc. could attribute, and studies have shown that violent media can increase aggression… but overall I don’t believe you can put a “blame” on the media for violence… If someone is that impressionable than they lack character, class, morals, and empathy… even if you were raised in a hostile environment… that shouldn’t be a “scapegoat” or an excuse for wrong actions done… people know right from wrong and as for adolescents yes they should be able to play/watch what they want…I think there are more productive options, rather than violence but I can’t control that… however there needs to be parenting… before having kids everyone tends to get caught up in the fantasy world of a perfect family with a little “baby” that’s adorable and wonderful… but unfortunately that isn’t the case and their kids are thrown into negative/violent exposures… so parenting is a must and need to teach values, if the parents don’t have values than that’s a great time for the family to learn. :mrgreen: Studies also show that the most people who are influenced by violent media, in most cases have a previous criminal record, severe mental health problems, or a history of violence… saying that the violent media is affecting more criminal behavior with people already labeled with problems… rather than increasing the number of criminals… A matter of Nature vs. Nurture… numerous things contribute to how people are affected/influenced by something and a long list of possibilities… Every person is different! 😈


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