Gun Violence



Gun violence is something that has become too common in the United States. In the last couple of years our nation has witnessed horrible events like massacres at movie theaters and elementary schools. Right after a horrible event like that people usually try to find someone or something to blame. Politicians try to push for gun control laws and religious leaders say that America needs more of God in their life. There are others who think that the violent American media is the one to blame. Many people have many theories to explain this horrible trend that has taken place in our nation. Documentaries like “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore try to take different approaches to explain this unprecedented event.

I don’t believe that any of these reasons are to blame completely for the shootings that have happened recently. Our society as a whole has change drastically, and the combination of all these things explain why there has been so much gun violence. People see guns in movies, video games, and even use them for hunting. 100 years ago a kid didn’t see nearly as many guns as a kid does today. Now our society makes it normal for children to be exposed to violent images which gives ideas to people with malicious intentions.

Last year I went to Honduras, a third world country where the way of living is completely different from the one in North Texas. They do have access to cable tv and internet and most of the stuff that we use everyday, but they choose not to use it. The television is not the main entertainment, but more of a last resort item. Kids spend most of their time playing with other kids in the neighborhood and at the park. At my grandparents house there are more than 5 guns and are constantly used for hunting and things of that nature. In fact, most of the households in that country have at least one gun, but school and movie shootings don’t happen. Like in any other region of the world, violence does exist but in a different form.


3 thoughts on “Gun Violence

  1. When I was a child in South Korea, as you have mentioned in your visit to a third world country, I had an access to television and video games but I preferred not to play or watch those item because I find playing out in the fields catching insects and playing sports much more entertaining. However, when I came overseas to the United States, all the kids were exposed to video games and the video game industry was very big in the States. It may be that when I was in Korea, the gaming industry may have not hit its pinnacle and when I came to the United States, increase in the power of the video game was visible.

    I personally think that exposure to video game has partial impact and there are other reasons as to how person goes from living their everyday life to the very moment of holding a gun towards another person. But I do know that having a visual of killing in video games gives the impression that killing is rather fun and easy which is harmful. I often see people, even my younger brother, raged about their game and began to show violence and curse towards the screen. Even though they have not done anything but stare into a screen, their mind is learning and remembering all the negatives of the game.

    All the stories seen in the media is indeed terrifying but I feel that media isn’t really trying to attack the problem but rather trying to receive attention. That’s why all the different views are showing up because media wants to target different audiences.

  2. I completely agree with you Daniel. People use media as an excuse 90% of the time. Instead of just admitting that the United States has become more violent over the years. Now violence has always been a part of the united since the United States was born (1776) but it has become not only more visible but accessible as well. I believe that the problem starts with the parents not the media. If parents would control how much access to violent media that their children have I believe society would calm down slightly. Americans are always using the media whether it be music, video games, or movies. Just like with the Sandy Hook elementary school shooter, Adam Lanza. His mother kept him locked inside and allowed the exposure to violent video games so that’s all he ever knew. He never knew real society.

  3. People will always try to find something else to blame, it’s human nature. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. It’s the same with video games. Video games cannot MAKE you do anything. Out of the millions of people who play video games, how many end up committing murders or violent crimes? Not that many. I have played violent video games like Halo 4 but I don’t come out of playing it feeling like I could go kill people. It is not the video game that makes people become violent murders. I believe it is the homelife the person grew up with. If a child grows up with a loving and caring family, I feel that they are less likely to grow up to a life of crime. However, parent do not want to admit that they messed up during the parenting process. Maybe they were not home enough. Maybe they didn’t say “I love you!” enough. Nobody wants to be part of the reason a child turns to violence but people should not blame objects like guns and videogames for human choices.

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