Harmless Video Games


Currently, in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, there is an argument that violence is connected to violent video games. Some believe that killers’ minds are desensitized to violence because they spend a lot of time playing violent video games.

I, on the other hand, think that criminals commit murder because they have a mental or emotion issue, not because they play Call of Duty. The only people who commit violent murders are the ones who are mentally or emotionally unhealthy. True, many people who commit murders play violent video games. But so do millions of people who don’t mass murder other human beings! I’m sure there are more murderers playing video games these days than there were ten years ago, but there are more janitors and cab drivers too. The fact is that there are simply more people playing violent video games these days.

I don’t think that video games are the factor that makes people go out and commit violent crimes. I think that other factors- physical or verbal abuse perhaps- could influence their lives in detrimental ways. But I do not think that violent video games are the main cause for violent crimes. I have played violent video games and watched scary movies just as much as anyone else, but I do not have the slightest desire to go out and kill anyone. Playing a First Person Shooter does not make me want to go out and shoot someone in real life.

Video games are fun because they allow you to live in a fantasy world, where you can wield powerful weapons, and have no consequences of injury or death. You can be an unbeatable hero! Every guy wants that power and glory, and every guy can get it through video games. Through video games, they can vent their feelings by shooting terrorists and blowing up airplanes, all in the safety of their home.

Violence is no small issue; it is a serious problem in this day and age. But video games are just that- games. They do no harm.

Picture From: http://images.paulspoerry.com/2013/01/video-game-gun-violence-500×750.jpg


3 thoughts on “Harmless Video Games

  1. I agree with you 100%. As a little 5 year old girl I played grand theift auto all the time and out of that I never wanted to be a criminal. The most I wanted to do was drive a car. Everyone wants to blame something or someone when things get out of hand because no one wants to face reality. The reality is there are crazy people in this world and no matter what we cannot stop them. Video games are just different worlds people can go away to for a couple of hours to forget about what is going on in their lives. Many people you them to create a different identity. You can go to South Dallas late at night and see violance. Video games are not the only violent things in this world. They are made from real things in life, to blame video games is like farting and saying the dog did it.

  2. I completely agree that video games are purely just games. There are many different factors that influence people and video games alone cannot. If violent video games can persuade an individual to commit murder, then a psychological issue or other situation must have previously occurred. I feel that people are more susceptible to violence in their everyday family, neighborhood, and school lives than they are through violent video games. Yes, games are becoming more realistic, but they are still virtual fantasy. Violent video games are no different from graphic novels or violent movies. They are a source of entertainment that allows it’s user to escape, while promoting creativity. I want to know why violent video games keep getting such a bad reputation when there are no studies that directly link video games to violence, unless the suspect had previous psychological issues. Perhaps it is because video games are much easier to blame than the parents who allow mentally unstable children to play them.

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