Everything on the Internet is true!

Reading Critically, as explained by Kirszner and Mandell, is commenting, questioning, and judging what you are reading.This State Farm commerical is the best example I can find of what can happen when you do not read critically. The girl explains how she read on the internet that everything posted on the internet has to be true. Then she talks about the french model she met on the internet. As he walks up it is very obvious that this man could never be a model and definitely is not french. Hopefully most people are not that gullible, but without critical reading it is easy to absorb incorrect information. When looking up information people need to check the facts stated in the article and also check the credibility of the source. Wikipedia is a prime example of a website that puts out incorrect information. Even though it is easy to find information on Wikipedia, anyone can add any information they want to the articles. Not only would you hate to accidently state false information in a paper, it would also be embarrassing if somebody called you out on it during a conversation. However, critical reading is not just used when reading words that have been written down. People need to also critically read their surrondings. The girl in the commerical also fail to do this type of critical reading. If she had not been gullible enough to trust everything on the internet, she would have notice that her date’s figure was not even comparable to that of a model. Also, she would have noticed when he greeted her with “Bonjour” that he failed to have a french accent. Critical reading can help save you from embarrasing moments and failing grades. You do not want to look stupid in front of everbody because you simple forgot to check if what you were reading was actually correct.


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