Father Appeals and the Appeals brother

The three brothers of Appeals came before a dinner table on the night of inheritance. Father Appeals questioned the three brothers as to why they deserve his precious inheritance. This very moment is when a character that will harmonize the world in time of danger will arise.
The first to speak was Logos answering, “Well father, it is logical for me to take over your inheritance for I am the first born of the family.” The father nodded his head and gave a little squint for that wasn’t quite a giving answer. He said, “To how many people have you shared the goodness of this life?” Logos replied, “Of course to every scholar who knows logic.” Father appeals hastened to calm brother Logos and continued.
Father appeals asked, “Ethos, what give you the right of my inheritance?” Ethos replied,”Father I am the strongest of us. Definitely I shall take after your possessions.” Father appeals replied, “What does strength have to do with carrying out the goodness of words?” “Father if you have power, you can control over the weak minds!” Father appeals also did not see the worthiness in Ethos.
Lastly the youngest of them all, Pathos was called by Father Appeals. Pathos seemed shy and worried for his love to his brothers was too great. “Pathos, what have you done to deserve my blessing?” Pathos gently whispered, “Father Appeals, I do not deserve anything. Without my brothers I wouldn’t be alive to give happiness to a baby through smile of their mothers, or bring two lovers in one harmony, or leave memories of the past in people’s mind.” When Father Appeals heard this little Pathos, he burst into tears, hugging, smudging his grouchy cheeks against Pathos’s silk baby cheeks and said, “Pathos you have done what your brother’s cannot do! You can give emotions to our family’s name. You can give love, anger, sorrow, anything you want to express!” Pathos did not know how to accept this love from Father Appeals.
From that moment on, Father Appeals took Pathos and sat on this right shoulders singing and dancing until the dinner was silenced. But from the inner hearts of his brothers, rushing rage rose against Pathos.



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