Ms. Know It All (:


“Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his own temper.” – Wilkie Collins The Woman in White

To say that I love arguing and/or debating would be a complete understatement. But then again what woman doesn’t? Kirszner and Mandell define an argument as “Taking a stand and present evidence that helps to convince people to accept your position.” Many people avoid arguments because they fear entering conflict with other individuals, but thats the beauty of it. It allows you to not only express your view and your ideas, but also to see how other individuals view the same topic. And often times you gain more information by having formal arguments with other individuals. My main reason and motivation for arguing is persuading others to view the topic at hand the same as me. When entering formal arguments we must keep two things in mind. First, always keep the argument formal, never informal. It is ok to be passionate about the subject that you are debating about, but never let your emotions take control of the argument (quarrel), and never attack your opponet and promote propaganda. Second, always keep the argument informative and state facts. Never throw out information simply because it sounds good. Mkae sure the information is factual and reasonable. I disagree with one of Aristotle’s means of persuassion. Pathos is a method of persuassion used to appeal to human’s emotions, but human emotion is always changing. So there is no way to appeal to every human’s emotions.

As college students we often times enter more informal arguments than formal. Even in professional arguments. As humans we are emotion based and that will never change. For it is apart of our human nature. In an argument just always remember to present your stand, and provide knowledgeable information, and DETOUR YOUR OPPONENT AND ALL THEIR BELIEVERS.


5 thoughts on “Ms. Know It All (:

  1. I defiantly agree with your blog. You gave facts and evidence to support your facts. In your last paragraph I don’t exactly agree. Pathos is a method of persuasion used to appeal to human’s emotions, when your in a argument/debate you are appealing to your class mates emotions, you are going to reflect there emotions it’s human nature to do so.
    The whole point of a debate is to try and prove to a group of people that your right and the other is wrong, persuading your audience to believe you over your opponent.

  2. As a woman I agree that in arguments I like to find out more views on the same subject. Of course if the opponent will have the opinion that is 100% wrong, then I will try to convince that person. It’s not bad to disagree. It just tells me that there is more then one way to look at everything. I totally agree with your blog that you cannot fight in the argument. For example my brother in-law Peter, always would argue all the time about everything and with this attitude he separates himself from everybody else with this opinion that he knows everything, and that everything that he believes is right and there is no other way around it. A good and successful argument requires two people with different opinions who respect each other’s views while trying to prove their point. It is very useless to argue with the person who is just stubborn in his narrow mind-view ignoring everybody else.

  3. I liked your blog, your points were valid about humans being driven on emotions. However I disagree with your point that many people avoid arguments because they fear entering conflict with other individuals. I believe that people don’t avoid arguments because they fear conflict I believe they are either un knowledgable about the subject at hand or are simply too lazy to back up their opinions. I back up your point on keeping an argument formal instead of informal. Yelling and screaming at someone because they don’t have the same views as you will do absolutely nothing short and long term. I have found that out amongst my step brothers and sister, we start out at a small friendly debate then the next thing I know were all yelling at the top of our lungs. Our debates are generally about politics or over football. Our latest argument was over Johnny Manziel and if he truly deserved the heisman trophy as just a freshman, which my oldest stepbrother Andrew had the better point that Manziel did in fact deserve it and supported it with valid evidence of how Johnny had played throughout the season. If the argument gets to the point of yelling, that generally means both parties have lost sight of what their main objective was thus making the argument a full blown fight. The whole point of an argument is to portray your opinion and your view on a subject to someone. The ultimate goal being to get the other person or persons to change their view on the subject at hand to your own view. A argument is truly won in my opinion through strong factual evidence.

  4. I loved your post and agreed with most of it. I think arguments are a good way to presuade or convince others to believe your side of the argument, but like Sam said, I dont think people avoid arguments in fear of conflict, they just dont have enough imformation to argue with. i think if you know what you’re talking about and have facts and knowlege of the the topic, then you would be able to have an actual convincing argument. and like you said in your blog, never let your emotions take over the argument. because then its not really an argument it just turns into a mess and people start saying things they dont really mean or know anything about. I think the key to a successful argument is mutal respect for one anothers point of view. you can get a point across without being mean or verbally attacing a person in an argument. either way, i like your point of view of arguing and if i was ever in need of a debate partner, you would be my first pick!

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