I’m Right!!!

Little girl sticking out her tongue at the camera for fun

“I’m right and you’re wrong so shut up!” Without denial, these thoughts have gone through the minds of average Americans at least once. Why do we feel the need to “win” or “be right”? First of all, our society today promotes entitlement. For example, turn on the TV and there are plenty of advertisements for cars, hair products, phones etc. that encourage the purchase of their products because you “deserve” it. Also, there is the cultural nudge to be yourself, please yourself, and live for yourself. Very rarely do people earn high social status by being considerate of others; in fact it is quite the opposite. Nowadays people headline in the news for specifically being rude, causing conflict, and claiming to be right. This fame is not meant to encourage wrong behavior; nevertheless, it remains an obvious way to gain the attention of others on a global scale. Although it has been several years, it is not difficult to recall the Tiger Woods scandal, Kanye West interruption, John and Kate Plus Eight catastrophe, or even the more recent Lance Armstrong ordeal. Sadly, these stories have been so well spread that most everyone knows about them while hardly anyone recalls the young boy who jumped in front of a car and saved his little brother’s life.

We do care about heartfelt stories, but we would much rather dive in to the latest debatable incident. If we are going to argue in the first place, then why insist upon frivolous disputes instead of logical arguments? According to Kirszner and Mandell, “even if you establish that an opponent’s position is wrong, you still have to establish that your own position has merit by presenting evidence to support it” in order to create a successful academic argument. This is where change needs to happen. We should replace traditional quarrels with academic arguments. If we as a culture discard the mindset that we deserve to have a say, we are entitled to input, and that our opinion is most important, maybe we could get out of our own way and reach productive solutions.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Right!!!

  1. A well attentive post, yes it is ashame how numerous activities in the media and such in society affects/influences peoples behavior and turns just about everyone into an “impossible person.” When the majority of people argue (and I’ve been in plenty) they already have it in their minds that they are right and that they are the only one that matters… with no intension to actually “listen” to what your side of the argument is only to “hear” you… resulting in a never ending cycle of a quarrel because no-one is open minded to the other persons view point… everyone is full of themselves as you said “we deserve to have a say” and when another person doesn’t respect that our emotions flare into negativity, being rude, etc. and that has became who we are as people… which makes it easier for quarrels/informative arguments because that is all most people know how to do… productive solutions definately would cause for much better results, but people need to first learn to take baby steps toward being open-minded and less of an “impossible person.”

  2. I really enjoyed this blog. I could not agree more about our bias,arrogant society we live in, in which everyone deserves to have a say, or be “right” in the most ridiculous places. It seems like lately all you see portrayed in the media are paparazzi attempting to bash celebrities. For example, the “cut4bieber” outrage that recently went on for about two weeks, teen girls all over the country were cutting their arms and uploading the pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. all because Bieber was in a photo in which he was holding marijuana in a form of a cigarette. So what does it matter that someone very well might have photo shopped that cigarette to look like a joint? It doesn’t matter, because what the media says is always right, right? No.
    Nowadays people are thriving off of negative attention. There are very ill minded people who seek attention in a form of Facebook likes. “Just found out im pregnant. 550 likes and I’ll keep da baby!” It is this reason I’m terrified for our future generations.
    I do agree with your other opinion, we should turn most of our debates into logical, academic debates. We’d learn much more that way and it would be much more humane.

  3. I like this post because it reflects on how humans are today, we want to be right and we never want to think we are wrong. Its hard for us to hear it from someone that we are not right. Although we shouldn’t think like that, i mean we are just human and we do all make mistakes, so if we know this why do we expect ourselves to be right all the time?

  4. I do agree with this blog. Americans today have to have the latest things, someone could tell them if they do not buy the new iPhone you will not be cool. They come up with commercial to persuade you in thinking you have to have it now. People believe these days that they are always right and cant be wrong with the way they think. They do not open their minds to new ideas or opinions. They want to be right 24/7. They think they can not make mistakes they are better then other people. Well what they do not know is they are only human and everyone is wrong more times then known. People believe more in celebrities news then how some little kids does not have food the next morning and how you can help them. That is what American people have came too.

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