White Washed

“I like the metaphor of the melting pot. I like it for two reasons. First, its suggestion of pain-and there is pain.” says Richard Rodriguez. He means by this the changes that he felt growing up in America and feeling different but in the mean time becoming Americanized. The disappointment of his father watching him become more American than Mexican. Rodriguez also claims that you can identify with a culture without actually being of that culture or race. I agree with him that you can be more comfortable with a culture but to identify yourself as being of that culture when your not is strange. But I understand what he’s saying for example if an person with American parents is born in Russia that person will adapt Russian values as well as the values of the parents. America does have the tendency to “white wash” a person. When my son who is 7 is spoken to in Urdu by his father he replies back in English, I think because of the influence that he has in school and with his friends since they all speak English. from my own personal experience I can understand what Rodriguez means but I do not agree with him completely.



One thought on “White Washed

  1. I completely agree with you that when we live in another country, we will adopt that certain country’s culture. It is normal though we adopt the American culture, other people will still identify us by our color, culture and/or race. The author, Richard Rodriguez, tells about some of his personal experiences to explain “What is Americanized?” I do not agree with the author because America is like a melting pot which means America was found and has been built by immigrants who speak different languages. Somehow every one has some influence of other country or the other language. Even though the author’s father felt pain that his son is more American than Mexican, it does not mean it is a bad thing. They all depend on the kind of habits and cultural things the son learns. For example, I came from Sri Lanka. Even though my first language is Tamil, at school and work, I am required to speak in English. It does not mean that I have relinquished my culture. As the old saying goes, When in Rome, be as the Romans.

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