Sharing the truth

In 1963 the world was very different than what we know now. If a person was colored he or she was very inferior. I once talked to an old man at a restaurant in Celina Texas, a small town north of Dallas. The old man told me stories about how colored people were not allowed to cross the railroad tracks. It was an eye-opening conversation as I had never heard first hand experiences of the times of segregation.

During Martin Luther king Junior’s incarceration in Birmingham’s jail, martin wrote a letter to his fellow clergy men. The letter mainly comprised of trying to communicate the truth about Martin’s actions that landed him in jail. The clergy clearly did not know the truth, or didn’t want to know the truth about the goings on in Birmingham city. The other clergy members were critical of Martin’s Luther’s methods of getting the public to know of the atrocities that clearly taking place.

Martin clearly is disgusted with how the other clergy simply want everything to just stay the way it was and just keep going. Obviously, there were very difficult and deep rooted problems in the American spirit and need to be righted, and sitting complacently was not going to help. Martin Luther’s only with was for everyone to live in harmony and obey the laws that were set up, as long as the laws were just and fair. Although just is a difficult word to define, Martin believed that if the laws were truly created by the public and not only by a few people in power, it was just.Image


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