Letter from Birmingham

This was the longest letter I ever read. Martin Luther King Jr.’s, “Letter from Birmingham City Jail” is a response to a statement the clergymen made, in the hope of defending King’s recent “direct action” against the segregation of racism. The point of the letter was to depict to the clergymen his intent was not to suggest violence, but simply to fight through negotiation for the freedom of his “black brothers and sisters.” King claims there is no better timing for something that has been at conflict for “more than 340 years.”  He is asking for the help of the clergymen so they can move forward with Civil Rights. The letter shows that King really believed that all people should have equal rights. He provides facts about many blacks who suffer to support his claim in the letter. He makes clear why unjust laws are harmful to society and he tells the clergymen of his views and the reasons for his “direct action” on the issue of desegregation. While reading this letter I notice that King uses ethos, logos, and pathos to explain to his clergymen about his present actions in Birmingham and to inform them about his future plans to disobey segregation. I believe this is the message of peace in this literature that touches everyone and makes people think about injustice and indifference.


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