Superman and Me

In Sherman Alexie’s essay “Superman and Me” is a narrative of how he overcame obstacles in his life, became an avid reader which in turn helped develop his ability to learn at a high level. Sherman talks about how he learned how to read from a Superman comic book by focusing on the pictures and what they were saying even though he could not read the words. He also developed a passion for reading because his father had a passion for reading anything he could get his hands on. Sherman describes how he taught himself to read and learn by framing everything into paragraphs which seemed to be a simplistic approach that broke things down into easy to understand segments that he could put together as a whole and learn much faster. This helped him overcome a society (Indian Reservation) that almost all the kids failed and there was a culture of not having to learn.

Sherman also showed the innate ability to understand that he was smart and would not accept what would be a pre-determined life of failing within the tribal community. He made a statement that he was reading to save his life which shows great maturity for someone so young to understand that if he wanted any kind of life it would depend on his education. I also believe that he was telling us that there needed to be some sort of role model to help him see the importance of education (his father who read anything he could) and his father did that by example. Along with that role model mentality he went back to help teach the kids on the reservation as he could not remember any outside teachers that came to help.


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