A Ridiculous Proposal

It seems to me this article is not a serious article, and the author is not serious about his opinion on the topic. The name of the article is “A Modest Proposal”. The topic of the article is about poor families in Ireland. The proposal that the author, Johnathan Swift, gives us is that infants and small children should be used as food. It proposed that the poor people could make money by selling their children, people would not starve because of all the meat from these children. Basically, it proposed some very horrid things.  I find this idea quite ridiculous, as reflected in the title of my blog. The article states various problems of society, like starvation and poverty, in Ireland but the solutions he insists will help these problems are , as stated before, ridiculous. Who in their right mind could really think about eating a human being? No one. That is why I came to the conclusion that this proposal could not be taken seriously. In the article, the author repeatedly mentioned human flesh and other descriptive words which made readers visualize humans eating humans. I could barely read this whole article without getting sick. Even though the author was not serious about the proposal, how could he write this disgusting article? I understand the proposal was not to be taken seriously but It was hard for me to understand the tone of the article and if the author was being sarcastic. The last sentence of the article reads, “I have no children by which I can propose to get a single penny; the youngest being nine years old, and my wife past child-bearing.” This sentence makes me rethink the whole purpose of this article. Perhaps, I should reread the article. The author used his own “way of writing”, one which is not easy to understand and comprehend.


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