Working with sources

By reading this article I learned that I can collectively group together people’s opinions to express a certain topic in a college-essay, and gather more thoughts from another source thus strenghting your paper if done correctly and wisely. It does a fine job of explaining and defining what college professors are looking for in a paper. They are looking for more sources besides one’s personal experiences. Sources that have some prestige to back them up such as an academic journal for example. Academic sources for a paper can range from a “book, or authoritive websites, or even personal interviews with experts”. To do so you must find one of theses sources and incorporate them into your paper correctly, making sure it has relevance to the topic at hand. These sources can be your best friend giving yourself quality information and quotes that you can blend into your paper effectively or even just by paraphrasing information in order to relay a message more to your papers taste. But one must be careful when doing so, if the source you use is not given credit it could result in plagarism. Citing the source within the paper or using in text citations equipped with a bibliography at the end of a paper can allow a reader to look at the sources where your information was gathered. If all these are done acccordingly and properly the better  your paper will be and the better grade you will recieve. Academic sources that we gather information from can help us in more ways then one as seen.


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